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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus - consumer video comparison

Comparison video with two of the most popular smartphones (phablets) on the market today: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 6s Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs iPhone 6s Plus - consumer video comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and iPhone 6s Plus are two of the most popular and also most capable smartphones on the market today. Many consumers who are wondering which one should be their next phone may find this video interesting with some side to side tests, showing their advantages and of course some downsides.


Sony X750D / X700D series - premium 4K HDR Android TV

Full features and main specifications of the Sony X750D / X700D series 4K Android TV

XBR-49X700D, XBR-55X700D, XBR-65X750D
Sony X750D / X700D series

Sony X750D / X700D TV series are offered in couple of different sizes so they would suit most consumers' size preference  - 49 inch (XBR-49X700D), 55 inch (XBR-55X700D), 65 inch (XBR-65X750D). These high end 4K TV sets are totally packed with modern features including advanced Android TV technology. The price is also good - starting from $700 for the smallest panel, the X750D / X700D seem to be a very competetive offer on today's TV market. Herea re some of its main features and specifications, exlanined in few words:


Toshiba Satellite P55T-B5154 touchscreen laptop

Specifications and quick overview of the 15 inch touchscreen laptop Toshiba Satellite P55T-B5154

Toshiba Satellite P55T-B5154 touchscreen laptop
Toshiba's P55T series never became that popular but for most consumers it was a really good choice as many of its configurations offer solid combination of high-end hardware for an affordable price. Today we are taking a look at the Satellite P55T-B5154 touchscreen laptop which is equipped pretty well, with 16GB of RAM and super -fast Intel Core i7 processor.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs LG G5 - video comparison

Test and video comparison of the two smartphone flagships from LG and Samsung -  Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs LG G5

Today we will be taking a look at two of the latest and already most popular smartphones on the market - the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs LG G5. These are two very capable devices with outstanding features and for some consumers it would be very difficult to choose between those two. Specification wise the Note 7 is superior in almost all aspects but there are some differences that could be definitely counted in G5's favor.


HP Spectre 13-v000nu - world's thinnest laptop

The thinnest laptop in the world - HP Spectre 13-v000nu

HP Spectre 13-v000nu - world's thinnest laptop
HP Spectre 13
If years ago ultrabooks were something new, unusual and rare, today this segment of notebooks is already mass and any self-respecting brand offers in its portfolio at least several such devices. Among the various ultrabooks however, rarely distinguish genuine masterpieces such as this in my hand.  HP Spectre 13-v000nu certainly deserves due attention. Today will take a look at the design, comparing it with that of some competing models, test hardware functionality, display, peripheral and battery.


New service on Twitter keeps our dearest memories

The new service on Twitter keeps my dearest memories

Twitter Moments image

Twitter "opened" their "Moments" (Memories) for selected users, influential brands or partners. The company revealed that it has allowed certain groups of users to keep their tweets about major events and assure us that everyone will have this opportunity in the coming months.

Twitter Moments debuted in October, but was called Project Lightning, and is one of the central elements of the marketing efforts of the company. Moments lets you gather and selected tweets to tell stories in new ways. This is a powerful feature that helps build communities interested in specific topics and events.

Kindle Oasis vs Kindle Voyage - ebook reader test

Real world testing two of the latest and most popular ebook readers on the market today Kindle Oasis vs Kindle Voyage

  Kindle Voyage is one of the two high-end ebook readers currently offered by Amazon. It incorporates high-resolution display, built-in adaptive front light and a battery that last for very long periods of time.

Kindle Oasis is the most expensive ebook reader offered by Amazon. Since it is on the market for more than a year and a half I can't say it is also the most technologically advanced. It has ergonomic tapered design and enhanced built-in adjustable light. The battery of the Kindle Oazis is also extremely long lasting.

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