Microsoft will soon launch the new high end Windows devices Lumia 950 and 950 XL

Image: Lumia 800

Microsoft intend to realize the premiere of two new high-end smartphones in October, as they are developed by the company with codenames Cityman and Talkman. Both devices will be positioned to the highest class and will be the first models that will see the market and work with Windows 10 OS. Now the Internet appeared the first images revealing the vision of the new representatives of the brand Lumia, informed Pocket-Lint.

Amazon now officially presented a new mobile application platform Android, which is called Underground. In turn, it is the gateway with a diverse collection of free applications that are selected by her shop Amazon Appstore. The company also assured that they will not cost consumers anything and did not even include an option for additional purchases while working with them, reported TheVerge.

A large number of computer owners think that the way to deal with technological problems faced is to ignore them. And if things get really bad, they just transferred to other software or buying a new device. However, this is not necessary.
No matter what time of day you use your computer and what exactly has some technological skills should possess. Thanks to Life Hacker can learn more about these 5 simple tricks that every PC owner should know.

Price, features and specifications of the cheap 8 inch Windows tablet Linx 810B

Linx 8 inch tablet
Linx 810B 8 inch Windows tablet

Today, we are taking a quick look at one of the cheap Windows tablets offered on the market - the budget and not very well known Linx 810. This tablet is offered for arond £100 at eBay UK but for in-depth reviews and consumer feedback you will need to wait a while as there is not much info online about this particular model.

Real consumer feedback after using the cable Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 for almost a year now

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 - one of the best value for money smartphones I've used

Not many things have changed since I made the six months review of my 5.5 inch Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505. The phone is still in pretty good shape and it is working as new. I am actually using the Note 3 Neo as my primary smart device throughout the day so I can say it has seen plenty of 'abuse' in different situations.

Hitachi 42HYT42U 42 inch LED Smart TV price and specifications

Hitachi 42 inch LED TV
Hitachi 42HYT42U 42 inch LED TV

This week's top choice in the consumer electronics section is the cheap 42 inch Smart LED TV Hitachi 42HYT42U.  Until today more than 860 units were sold only at eBay UK which shows the big interest in this affordable and yet functional LED TV.

And here are its main specs:

Short video with one of the most powerful laptops currently for sale in Japan - Vaio Z Monster PC

Vaio Z laptop
Vaio Z Monster laptop PC
Sony's (still considering it Sony's brand even though they sold it recently) laptop Vaio Z or the so called Monster PC has been rumored to be one of the most capable laptops on the market these days. Unfortunately, this amazing machine is currently sold only in Japan and that's why there are limited number of reviews and consumer feedback online.