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TestProductReview reached 800 consumer tests and reviews

Our favorite Test and Review blog reached 800 posts this week. For the last couple of years we had plenty of ups and downs but I've always believed that this is the rough road to success.

Dunlop trolley suitcase 20 inch

Price, specs and quick review of the 20 inch Dunlop trolley suitcase with extender

Dunlop Trolley suitcase
Dunlop Trolley suitcase 20 inch with extender

Today I bought a brand new suitcase as my previous one was very badly damaged by one of my cats. I didn't have any clear idea of what exactly I am gonna look for or what kind of case I am going to buy but after checking couple of different options I stopped my attention at the 20 inch Dunlop trolley suitcase that will review today.

Here are the 15 best smartphones in the world according to Business Insider

Business Insider rates the world's top 15 smartphones

Hardly the world has a young man who does not have a smartphone (or at least not heard of it). "Smart" phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives both in private life and at work. The online edition Business Insider up an updated list of the best smartphones that are offered worldwide. The leaves is prepared on the basis of several factors such as design, features, software and hardware, content, appropriateness of operators and price. Taken into account only phones available in the US at the time of publication of the list. The described prices do are approximate to the amounts against which offer smartphones without a contract.

LG Leon price

LG Leon smartphone prices in Europe, UK, USA and Asia

LG Leon is one of the most interesting budget smartphones on the market today. This mobile device is manufactured in China and impresses with nice design and very good build quality. 

Bush MyTablet 8 inch Windows 8 tablet

Bush MyTablet 8 inch Windows 8 tablet specifications

Bush MyTablet 8 inch Windows
Bush MyTablet 8 inch Windows 8 tablet

Quick look at the specifications of the 8 inch Windows 8 Bush My Tablet:
8" IPS Display, 1280 x 800 pixels. Microsoft Office preinstalled.
Intel Baytrail - T Quad-core CPU @ 1.8GHz with Intel HD graphics

Digimate DGM L-1962WD LCD monitor specifications

Specifications of the 19 inch LCD monitor DGM L-1962WD

Digimate DGM L-1962WD specifications
Digimate DGM L-1962WD LCD monitor

A quick look at the specifications of the 19 inch LCD monitor Digimate DGM L-1962WD:

Sony KDL32W705 32 inch Smart LED TV price and specs

Price, specifications and quick review of 32 inch Smart LED TV from the W70C Series - Sony  KDL32W705

Sony KDL32W705 review
Sony KDL32W705 32 inch W70C Series Smart LED TV
Sony KDL32W705 is currently one of the most popular 32 inch LED TVs on the market. It is part of Sony's W70C Series which in my mind represents the perfect blend of price and picture quality/features. In today's short review we are taking a closer look at its main specifications. Please note that they may vary depending on the specific model and your location as well (offered with different name in different countries).

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