Test drive BMW M5 (F10)

Test drive and video review of the sport limo BMW M5 (F10)

BMW M5 (F10)
BMW M5 (F10)

Today at Test and Review we are going to test drive the new generation of BMW M5, the super sport sedan of the Bavarian giant.

The F10 generation of M5 came on the market recently and it grabbed the attention of the automotive world. 
The new M5 uses the S63 bi-turbo 4.4 Liter V8 with twin scroll turbocharging technology that is found in the BMW X5 M and X6 M, and the version in the M5 is expected to have an output of 560 hp (418 kW) and 502 ft·lb (681 N·m) of torque.

 Some critics immediately highlighted the difference with previous generations of M5 - the newly added turbo. At first this fact disappointed lots of BMW fans who loved the previous naturally aspirated engines.

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This disappointment disappeared in the second they heard the car revving. It looks like the car didn't loose any of it charismatic 'senses' but even added more. It's a bit more eco friendly and a bit faster than the previous E60 generation. 

And the driving dynamics and pleasure remained unbelievable, like no other car on the market today.

BMW M5 f10 front
BMW M5 F10 front

BMW M5 f10 side view
BMW M5 F10 side

BMW M5 f10 back
BMW M5 F10 back

BMW M5 F10 at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW M5 interior view
BMW M5 F10 interior

Engine is officially dubbed the S63tu. It has revised compression, higher lift camshafts, individual throttle bodies for added response and higher boost at 22PSI compared to the S63 unit found in the X5/X6M. The compression has also been raised and the pistons have been strengthened to cope with the added boost and compression.

Redline has been raised to 7200 and continues to build power up to redline, compared to other turbo cars that tend to die on the top end. The brake calipers will be colored blue and standard for all M5s at release. 19 inch multi spoke wheels are standard and 20 inch spilt 5 spoke wheels will also be available at launch.

BMW M5 f10
BMW M5 F10 engine

BMW M5 F10 engine
BMW M5 F10 engine bay

Our opinion
The new BMW M5 (f10) is nothing more but an amazing car... truly the ultimate driving machine.

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