Range Rover Evoque review

Range Rover Evoque SUV - Top Gear review

Range Rover Evoque review

Here is the review of the Range Rover Evoque by automotive specialists from Top Gear. This video shows the qualities of the new SUV in different situations.

The Range Rover Evoque is put to the test in the desert of the American Southwest. See how it measures up on the drive from Death Valley to Las Vegas.

While some of the Top Gear office regard it as a two-doored, two-wheel drive metropolitan abomination of all that we hold dear about this company's utilitarian past, even they can't deny that it's going to do very well.

Expect it to be the ride of choice for all Fulham/Cheshire-based wives from next summer - much as the Audi TT and Mini have dominated that market in the past.

2020 Range Rover Evoque - video review

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