1TB Seagate Expansion external hard drive

1TB Seagate Expansion external hard drive specifications and review

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Seagate Expansion 1TB HDD

When we talk about storage there are two main figures that are most important - volume and speed. The first one takes care for the amount of files you can store and access on a storage device and the second takes care of the fast processing of the data.

We all know that external hard drives are not always that fast and secure and that they may cause us problems sometimes. The brand Seagate produces storage devices for quite some time and they are well aware of the things that are important for an external hard drive.

That is why today we are going to take a look at one of Seagate's storage devices that is currently on sale in some online tech stores.
Seagate Expansion is a 3.5-inch 1TB external hard drive connected through the USB of your computer. Here are the 1TB Seagate Expansion hard drive specifications:
- 1 TB Storage
- 7200 RPM
- USB 2.0 Interface (1 x USB cable included)
- Plug n' play - easy to install, no extra software needed
- power management for low electricity consuption
- two year warranty
Height 39.79mm (1.57 in)
Width 125.91mm (4.96 in)
Length 207.08mm (8.15 in)

The installation of the Seagate Expansion is very easy as it is Plug n' play device which means you don't need extra software to install in order to start it. You just plug it in the USB port of your computer and follow the short instruction. Most operating systems will recognize it instantly.

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The 1TB Seagate Expansion is very affordable external hard drive.

Currently its price in UK is very low and it can easily be found for as low as £70.
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