BMW X4 2013 released

BMW X4 review and first impressions, BMW X4 test drive

BMW X4 pics
BMW X4 released in 2013 
So here it is, the all new BMW X4 2013 model released.

So what is new in BMW's new SUV?

The first thing you may thing it should be something bigger than the X3 and smaller than the X5 and you'd be wrong. Size is not the most important thing about the new BMW X4. It inherits the style features of the X6 and basically looks like a big muscular coupe with much more sporty than off-road character.

BMW X4 front
BMW X4 rear
BMW X4 will share powertrains with the X3, including four and six cylinder engines for both gasoline and diesel format. The new crossover will be assembled in BMW's $900 million Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, USA.

BMW has calculated that with the launch of the new model the capacity of the plant in Spartanburg, USA, will have to increase its load to 240 000 vehicles annually. For potential competitors X4 are inflected Land Rover Evoque, Porsche Macan and future Audi Q6. 

The new Bavarian crossover will be equipped with 4 - and 6-cylinder petrol and diesel engines that will be completed with six-and seven-speed dual-clutch transmissions.

BMW X4 price in USA, UK and Europe

As an option the X4 will be available with eight-gear Steptronic transmission.

The official release date for BMW X4 is the beginning of 2014 but rumors say production and sales may start in the middle of next year. So hopefully it will hit the showrooms sooner than expected and it will be available for full tests drive and review.

BMW X4 first impressions - video


  1. The new crossover form BMW is soon going to hit the market. Some dealerships will offer the new BMW X4 SUV by the end of the year but mass sales will begin in the beginning of next year. As the new X4 will be produced in USA deliveries in Europe may be delayed for a month or two.


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