LG DM2780D 3D LED monitor and TV

LG DM2780D 3D LED monitor and TV

LG DM2780D
LG DM2780D is a 27-inch 3D LED TV that supports picture in 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution.
The LG DM2780D offers the 3D picture using polarization technology.
This monitor is perfect for multimedia though its screen size is not very big. The 27-inch frame is perfect for smaller rooms or bigger kitchens.

The LG DM2780D can be very well used as PC monitor and then it turns into great gaming solution.
LG DM2780D converts all your media contents to the advanced 3D with the advanced 3D Effect Mode.

As a LED display the LG DM2780D has very low energy consumption.
The contrast ratio of the LG DM2780D is 7000000:1 but the brightness is on the low side - 250 cd/m2.

The LG DM2780D has two 5W stereo speakers for better sound experience.
Connection options include two HDMI ports, D-Sub, USB 2.0, SPDIF output, headphone jack (Audio line-in), Aerial SCART and Composite video.