Meltemi Nokia

Meltemi Nokia
Nokia Meltemi OS

Meltemi Nokia. Until recently, Nokia was the largest maker of smartphones and mobile phones. Gradually the company began to lose its market share.
Earlier this year Nokia announced that it has signed an agreement with Microsoft to use its mobile platform in its future smartphones.

And now we learn that Nokia is developing a completely new operating system that will use their ordinary mobile phones (not smartphones). The OS is codenamed Meltemi. Nokia expects the new operating system to help it retain its leading position in new markets where consumers still prefer mobile phones to smartphones due to their (non-smartphones) at a lower price.
The Meltemi OS probably takes different elements of the platform MeeGo Nokia N9 - for example, touch interface, which is controlled by gestures. It is not excluded and technology compatibility Qt, which will bring the capabilities of these expensive devices to smartphones - most recently in the Qt code name appears on the Meltemi. While waiting for the Finnish company to formally present his work in this direction, a new online information about her plans
It comes from sources on the site Netbooknews, working group for mobile phones of Nokia. They say the company is preparing to launch two MeeGo cheap devices for emerging markets where smartphones are not yet sufficiently widespread and are also expensive. The new data are not limited to, but probably in the software to the platform will include elements of the work of the Norwegian company Smarterphone, which in November 2011 is a property of Nokia. Then the company said news of the deal, saying it was part of their strategy to provide mobile communications for the next billion mobile users.
In the second quarter 47% of revenue from Nokia devices and services were non-smartphones. That was reason enough for people at Nokia do something to increase sales of non-smartphones.
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