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Zuckerberg got married

Mark Zuckerberg got married

Zuckerberg got married. Founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg marry his longtime girlfriend and announced the event in the social network, such as changes in family status "married", Reuters reported.
Tens of thousands of people "liked" his status update, which was accompanied by a photo of the couple in wedding attire.
28-year-old Zuckerberg and 22-year-old Priscilla Chan married with a modest ceremony in the garden of his home in Palo Alto, California, after a very busy week, notes the Associated Press said on Monday.
mark Zuckerberg's company went out of stock on Friday and Priscilla Chan graduated from the Medical Faculty of the University Kaliforniysikya on Monday - the day when Zuckerberg turned 28 years old. They met in Harvard and have been together for nine years. Spokeswoman said that Zuckerberg himself invented dizyna the ring for the bride "with a very simple ruby red."
The wedding ceremony was a surprise guest - less than 100 people who thought they were invited to celebrate the completion of Priscilla.
Mark Zuckerberg got married

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