MID 806 tablet review

Features and specs of the Google Android 2.2 MID 806/MID 80006 tablet

MID 806 Android 2.2 tablet review
MID 806 tablet

Google Android MID 806 tablet review
Here is another cheap Google Android tablet which is also known as MID 80006.

This 8-inch Android 2.2 tablet hasn't got an impressive technology or stunning features but for less than a $100 that's what you will get.

MID 806 tablet has an 800MHz (WM8650) processor which isn't that fast by modern standards. The 256MB RAM is also on the low side and that is definitely going to show when multitasking or using some heavier apps.

The 8-inch TFT touchscreen is anything else but impressive. It is a resistive display with 800x480 resolution and the tablet comes equipped with stylus pen (you are definitely going to need it since the display itself isn't very responsive).

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MID 806 has 2GB of built-in flash memory but you can always expand your storage space by using an optional microSD card (up to 32GB supported).

Connectivity options of the MID 806 include 802.11 b/g WiFi connection so Internet browsing is just fine with this one. As for the quality and the performance of the browsing... well that is another story.

Skype and conference calls are easy with the 3MP built-in camera with mic.

Well, these are the basics for the MID 806/MID 80006 tablet, it is an Android 2.2 device so you can download apps form the Android Market and make this cheap device work for you.

As for the price you can find the MID 806 tablet for around $90.

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