Agora 3D TV

Features and specifications of the 42-inch Agora Full HD 3D LCD TV

Agora 3D TV review. The brand Agora isn't very popular worldwide and it's products are offered quite cheap. Currently there is a 3D Full HD TV by Agora that's on sale at eBay for just £300.
There isn't much that we can share bout this TV except for its main features and specifications. Of course a full review of the 42-inch 3D Agora TV will be available very soon so check back later more info about this TV.

Agora 42-inch 3D TV specifications:

  • Brand: Agora
  • Type: 3D TV
  • Built-In Freeview: Yes
  • HDMI connections: 4x
  • Scart connections: 4x
  • Parental lock: Yes
  • PC Input: Yes
  • Screen size: 42-inch
  • Color: black
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Full HD: Yes
  • USB: 2x
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Stand: Yes
  • Sleep timer: Yes
  • Brightness: 380cd/m2
  • Wall mountable: Yes (Wall mount not included)
  • Teletext: Yes
  • Connections:RF, 2x Scart, 2xUSB, Comp Video/Audio in/VGA PC Audio In 4X HDMI, Headphone out, Passive 3D,
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9
  • Glasses Included: 4x

Agora 3D LCD TV review


  1. Bought this tv as my old tv went! on a budget of £300 was looking at a known make 32" but took the risk on this in my price range .So far HD and 3D content outstanding on a 42" LCD screen,sound on surround settings is me if you are willing to take a gamble on an unknown make will not be disapointed ps literature provided indicates that may have bought a better known brand at at least £100 cheaper

  2. like the previous comment I was dubious (especially when it arrived in plain white box) but took the risk and so far am plesantly surprised. picture is fantastic, delivery from internet firm was outstanding. features are equal to far more espensive names seriosly considering buying another especially at £279 BARGAIN

  3. I too took a chance on this TV as the price was so good. I was'nt expecting it to be so good. Picture and sound are excellent quality, 3D films especially Ice Age 3D is awesome. I would defo reccomend this for a good budget 3D tv. Well impressed with mine anyway.

  4. I had my agora tv two weeks work and look perfect sound went no good reason so be careful before purchase

  5. Just got one of these, and like others here I was dubious of the unknown brand, but decided to take a punt on it. Picture and sounds are fantastic for the price, xbox 360 looks brilliant. I have not tried 3D yet but I anticipate no problems. The initial setup is quick and simple, autotune for freeview is fast. Overall, an absolute bargain. The specs are comfortable and don't make you look too much of a wally also :)

    Buy one!

  6. I brought this telly as a gambal as was in my price range and my had broken all round a great telly ha by tried the 3d yet but I find if we have mobile phones near it then it interferes with it that can be very annoying when you trying to watch something so you have to leave the room to use your mobile phone other then that well worth the money

  7. kelly MckinlayJuly 19, 2013


    i bought this tv for my daughter its a fire hazard after 8 months of use in my daughters bedroom it melted from the inside out this tv was lucky never left on stand by also it was surging the electricity i have return this tv to EBUYER who have written this off and now discontinued this television i am now demanding my money back finding it very difficult to get this back they have said that they will give me a partial refund i advise any one who has this tv to BEWARE this tv could set your house on fire

  8. hi, mine has done the same thing and lost its sound. how did you fix this or what is the solution ???

  9. Any sound issues go to first time installation in TV settings this worked for me


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