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Samsung WB720 14MP compact digital camera price and review

Specs and quick review of the 14MP compact digital camera Samsung WB720

Samsung WB720 compact digital camera
Samsung WB720 compact digital camera review

Samsung WB720 review
 - I have noticed that since Christmas shopping began few weeks ago this compact digital shooter has been offered with some great discounts.

Currently you can find the Samsung WB720 for even less than £100. So lets see if it is any good or just another useless electronic device that looks like a good deal at first but after a while the disappointment comes.

Samsung WB720 has a 14-megapixel sensor and 24mm Schneider Kreuznach wide angle lens which allow you to capture more details with less photos.

One of the great advantages of the Samsung WB720 compact digital camera is that it has 14x optical zoom which puts it directly in the compact megazoom cameras class which Sony and Canon still dominate well ahead of the competition. In addition to the large optical zoom the WB720 has 4x digital zoom.

Samsung WB720 also has a large 3-inch LCD display which is the only viewfinder in this camera (no optical viewfinder).

Another positive thing about this camera is its build quality. The camera itself is made from metal and some durable plastics and the overall impression is for a very solid and well build product.

Samsung WB720 can record 720p HD videos which come out pretty good. There is some space for improvement for this feature as most new digital cameras offer 1080p Full HD video recording but of course these have the disadvantage of much higher price tag.

Samsung WB720 is a very compact camera and weighs just 120g (with the Li-Ion battery). Here are the dimensions of the device: H:5.89, W:10.49, D:2.49 cm.

Connection options: HDMI/USB
Price: currently on sale for £90.  

Samsung WB720 HD video test (720p) and sample images

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