UMC 32-inch slim HD LED TV specs and review

UMC 32-inch slim HD LED TV - price, features and specifications

UMC 32-inch HD LED TV review
UMC 32-inch slim HD LED TV

UMC 32-inch slim HD LED TV review - probably most of you had already spent the Christmas budget on presents but for those who have some money left aside it is the perfect time to spend. There are plenty of overstocked goods in some stores and New Year clearances are to come in the next few weeks.

Today I found a great TV deal on eBay where the 32-inch slim LED TV UMC is on sale for just £170.

I imagine that strange look of yours while trying to figure out what is this UMC brand and who on Earth would like to buy any of their products. Manufacturer UMC produces some quite cheap electronic goods with average product quality, most suitable for consumers with low budgets.

Today we are going at UMC's 32-inch slim HD LED TV which has a LED backlit panel and offers 720p HD pciture (resolution of 1366x768) and some good features and specs.

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First impressions - our first impressions with the UMC 32-inch slim HD LED TV are actually very good. The device itself is really very thin and compact for a TV of this size.

Features - this TV comes with some good features including integrated Freeview tuner, built-in USB media player (good for images, music and some video files) and 3x HDMI ports.

The picture quality of the  32-inch UMC slim HD LED TV isn't great but we probably can't expect better from a TV in this price range. The good news is that this TV has a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can easily set up your sound system and at least have some quality sound because the output from the stock stereo speakers isn't any good.

So, if you are in the search of really cheap and slim 32-inch HDTV you may consider the slim HD LED TV a good deal.

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And if you like cheap TVs I would also recommend you the Agora 3D TV and the 32-inch Finlux 3D TV.

But if you are looking for an affordable 32-inch panel with perfect picture quality, Smart TV features and plenty of other extras than you should definitely check the amazing Sony Bravia KDL-32EX650 review.


  1. This tv does NOT support .mkv and .mp4 video files as the DABS website advertises. EXTREMELY disappointed about that however it does support .AVI

  2. I am sorry to hear you are disappointed with the 32-inch UMC slim HD LED TV, I guess the will need more time to figure it out how to make good quality and yet affordable products.


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