Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - the best Ferrari ever

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is probably the best Ferrari of all time

best Ferrari ever - F12 Berlinetta

There are not many cars that make such a strong statement as most Ferrari models. And though this one hasn't done a huge impact in the automotive world the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta could be easily described as the best Ferrari ever.

I am not going to bother you with all the technological wonders that are packed within this amazing vehicle but I will explain you in short why is the new F12 Berlinetta probably the best Ferrari of all time.
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta best Ferrari ever

First of it is the looks of the car, the F12 Berlinetta is a great looking car with so many design features that we can easily say the shaping process and the final results is pure art. The F12 Berlinetta has this typical Ferrari aggressive look but the calm presence of a GT.

And GT is probably the keyword for this Ferrari. Not only it is a great supercar with over 700 hp but it also does great as a long distance cruiser thanks to its great sophisticated ride and engaging steering. Driving such a car is a sheer pleasure.
And here comes the second reason why I think this is the greatest Ferrari of all time  - thanks to its extremely  capable engine the F12 Berlinetta happens to be the most powerful production Ferrari ever.  And I can stop here with just those two major reasons (looks and engine) for calling this the best Ferrari and that will be more than enough. But that is not the whole story because Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has plenty more to offer.

If we take a look in the interior we will find out that this is an extremely comfortable car no matter the sporty character of every instrument panel. Supercars like the Enzo are nowhere near the ease of use and comfort of the F12 Berlinetta.

You see I can talk on and on until I mention all the positives of this car and miss some of the downsides cause this ride definitely has some but that won't be necessary. I am pretty sure that most of you will agree with the statement that this is the best Ferrari ever. And though I have never been a huge Ferrari fan, after the  striking FF and the amazing F12 Berlinetta I am starting to like this brand more and more.

Here is one great test drive and video review of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta recorded very close to the birthplace of this Italian supercar.