BMW X4 price info

BMW X4 price in USA, UK and Europe

BMW X4 rear

With the recent reveal of the BMW X4 Concept the Bavarian manufacturer showed how is basically their new crossover going to look like.

As you probably know there were plenty of speculation about the X4 and some skeptics claimed this SUV project is going to be abandoned by BMW and we are never going to see it in the showrooms.

Well as it is now clear that the X4 is going to exist, the next big question is how much is it going to cost. And if I trust my senses and knowledge about cars I think BMW X4 will come at the price of around $60,000 in the United States and around 50,000 Euro for the European market. And in UK I think it will be somewhere around £35,000.

BMW 3 series (G20) vs 5 series (G30)

Probably the BMW X4 will be positioned very closely to the X3 crossover with some big variations in prices  for the most powerful and fully equipped versions.

The small X6 as some of you may recognize this brand new X4 is going to be something of a less practical and more dynamic X3.

Preview of the BMW X4 Concept: BMW X4 Concept - video

And here is some info about the BMW X4 release date.