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Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed S tennis racket

Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed S tennis racket review

Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed S is currently one of my favorite rackets and that is why I decided to make this quick review of the racket. Actually if I had to replace my Head Ti S1 it would be either with the Head YOUTEK IG Speed Elite or with the  YOUTEK Graphene Speed S.

Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed S
Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed S tennis racket

Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed S has a headsize of 100 square inches and weighs just 285 grams (300 grams with strings). This makes it perfect for advanced players who like the power and control of a premium professional racket but want a lighter, more maneuverable frame. The YOUTEK Graphene Speed S will suit to most women tennis players.

There are couple key technologies used in the Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed S which makes it really special tennis racket. The most impressive is the smart material called d3o which is used  in key parts of the frame and together with the lightweight and strong Graphene make this racket quite powerful and also with plenty of feel thanks to the active d3o material.

Head is using 16x19 open string pattern which helps you generate more power. 
 is a very good racket but unfortunately it is quite expensive. Its price of around $200 makes it one of the more expensive tennis rackets in this class.
Anyways the YOUTEK Graphene Speed S is the perfect club player racket and I strongly recommend it. 

In case you are an advanced player and  you need a bit more power and control than you should definitely take a look at the Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro