Samsung UE32F4510 32-inch Smart HD LED TV price and review

Price, specifications and review of the 32-inch Smart LED TV Samsung UE32F4510

Samsung UE32F4510 review
Samsung UE32F4510 32-inch Smart HD LED TV
Samsung UE32F4510 review - this one of the best selling 32-inch LED TVs recently and there are few pretty good reasons for that. The UE-32F4510 impresses with modern and elegant design, great HD picture quality and low price tag.

Samsung UE32F4510 has very attractive design decided entirely in white, with quite interesting stand. The panel is thin but its frame is pretty thick compared to other 32-inch Samsung TVs. 
Samsung UE32F4510 measures 45.6 x 75.9 x 5.9 cm (TV dimensions without stand) and weighs 5.6 kg with the stand included. 

Samsung UE32F4510

Honestly I just love Samsung's approach to their low-end affordable LCD TVs, highlighting the great design of their devices and using some of their proved technologies for better picture quality.

Of course some of you may now complain from the fact that the UE32F4510 is not a Full HD TV but I think that is not such a big drawback at all. I myself have Full HD Sony Bravia TV and it only a few times so far that I have used it  to watch 1080p content (I watch movies mostly in 720p) and there are many good reasons not to do so - 720p content is almost as good and it takes less volume on my storage devices. 

The 32-inch LED panel of the Samsung UE32F4510 has maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 and 100Hz refresh rate (or CMR as you may now it). Samsung's Hyperreal engine and Megacontrast are used for improving the picture quality in the UE32F4510. 
Probably the most surprising feature of all (especially when considering the low price) is that fact that this is a Smart TV with built-in WiFi. You can use it for browsing the Internet or enjoying apps like ITV, BBC iplayer and some Social apps as well. 

Samsung UE32F4510 has plenty of connection options on board - 3x HDMI ports, 2x USB ports, Scart, AV In, Component In, LAN, Digital audio out and headphone jack are all available in this TV. 
 The sound quality of the 2x 10W speakers in the Samsung UE-32F4510 is actually pretty good thanks to the Dolby Digital Plus/ Dolby Pulse and DTS premium audio technologies for improving the sound characteristics of this Smart TV
Samsung UE32F4510 rear
Samsung UE32F4510

Of course the UE32F4510 has two tuners on board - analogue and digital Freeview tuner (DVB-T/C - MPEG4).

And now we are finally going to talk about the price of the Samsung UE32F4510. As I already mentioned this is one of Samsung's most affordable LED TVs with a price tag of around £320 in UK (and around 360 Euro in other parts of Europe) which currently makes this TV one of the best value for money 32-inch Smart HD LED TVs in the segment.

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  1. I have a problem with my Samsung TV model UE32F4510 where there's NO picture but there is sound.... Please help.


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