Hitachi 4k TV review

Consumer opinion and review of  the big screen 58-inch 4k LED TV Hitachi 58HK6100U

Hitachi 58HK6100U

We haven't reviewed any Hitachi 4k LED TV recently so it is high time to take a closer look at one. Today we are focusing our attention at a very adequate big screen 58-inch television - the Hitachi 58HK6100U. We will take a look at its main specification, product features and we will give our honest consumer opinion about it and if it is worth buying.

Hitachi 4k TV specifications /58HK6100U/

Television picture quality:
LED TV Screen
4K Ultra HD display resolution
Motion rate 50Hz
Viewing angle 178/178 degrees
Resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels
Screen size: 58 inches
Size of TV H76, W130.5, D8.2cm
Size of TV with stand: H80.4, W130.5, D21.8cm
Weight of TV 14.6kg (unpackaged).
Weight of TV with stand: 16.4kg
Footprint of TV 60cm
Suitable for wall mounting 400 x 200 bracket
Length of cable: 1.5m
Packaged size H88.4, W143, D15.4cm
Packaged weight 20.2kg
Sound quality:
DTS sound system
10 x 2 watt RMS power output
2 USB ports and 3 HDMI sockets.
Component video socket
Composite socket
VGA input socket - "video graphics array" is a video output connection that is the display standard for PC computers
Headphone socket
AV socket
Optical connection
Built in Wi-Fi
Ethernet connection
DLNA compatibility - allows you to wirelessly send content from devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones
Remote control included
Smart TV features:
Smart TV
Web OS operating system
Compatible with the following smart apps: Netflix, BBC iPlayer, iTV, demand 5, 4od, Amazon Prime, YouTube
Internet browser
Digital features:
Features USB video playback
Micro dimming technology improves the contrast by dimming individual sections of the TV screen
HDR10+ - makes whites brighter, intensifies colour and enhances the overall picture for an epic cinematic effect
Freeview Play digital tuner
Freeview Play (UK)
Saorview digital tuner (Saorview can only be received in the Republic of Ireland)
Dual core processor
CI plus slot
Aerial required
Additional features:
Sleep timer
Parential control
Energy efficiency information:
Energy efficiency rating: A++.
On mode power consumption 66 watts
Annual power consumption 96kWh
Standby power consumption 0.5 watt

Smart TV
The 58HK6100U not only delivers good picture on a big screen but is also a Smart TV so watching YouTube or Netflix directly on this Hitachi TV is easy (and thanks to the built-in wireless connection of course).

Hitachi 58HK6100U is a 2020 model (or late 2019 at least) so we shouldn't expect it to be super cheap. The current price in UK varies around £400.

Best TVs in 2020 - video

Hitachi is a well-known brand for producing high-quality TVs and their 4K models are no exception. Some of the best Hitachi 4K TVs currently available in the market include:
  • Hitachi 55HK6T74U: This 55-inch 4K Ultra HD TV features HDR technology, Smart TV capabilities, and a Freeview Play tuner for easy access to catch-up TV services. It also has a wide viewing angle and a high contrast ratio for an immersive viewing experience.
  • Hitachi 65HK6T74U: This 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV also features HDR technology, Smart TV capabilities, and a Freeview Play tuner. It has a high contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle, as well as a built-in soundbar for improved audio quality.
  • Hitachi 50HK6T74U: This 50-inch 4K Ultra HD TV has the same features as the 55 and 65 inch models, HDR, Smart TV capabilities, and a Freeview Play tuner, with a smaller screen size for those who prefer it.
  • Hitachi 43HK6T74U: This 43-inch 4K Ultra HD TV also has HDR technology, Smart TV capabilities and a Freeview Play tuner. It has a high contrast ratio and a wide viewing angle, and it is considered an affordable option for those looking for a 4k TV.
All these Hitachi 4K TVs are known for their high-quality picture, wide viewing angles, and smart features. It's worth noting that these models may not be available in all regions and prices may vary depending on location.

Thank you for checking our consumer Hitachi 4k TV review!

Please share your feedback with us - do you currently own a Hitachi television or do you intend to buy one?

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  1. It would be awesome if we can get some first-hand consumer opinions for other Hitachi 4k TVs, so please share your experience with us.

    1. At this moment in time it's rubbish. I cannot get the dam thing to connect to my WiFi. It just keeps switching off and on again. I have even bought a tp-link extender but it still does the same thing. At this point I think I will just take it back and get a TV that actually works

    2. We are sorry to hear about your poor experience with your Hitachi 4k TV. Did you buy the 58HK6100U or another model?

  2. Bought this tv two weeks ago and I would have to say it is a mixed bag in terms of performance. Firstly price point is very good and anyone buying a 58" tv for this price should be doing so with their eyes wide open. It is not a Panasonic or Sony so please set your sights at the appropriate level. HD picture is fair and watching content off youtube or the BBC iPlayer I would rate the picture as generally acceptable - this tv replaced a 38" Panasonic HD set that is 9 years old and I would say the performance is not really noticeably worse for HD content.

    SD content is frankly awful and it is painful to watch. I suspect this is because of the screen size (it was noticeably worse on the Panasonic to watch SD) which shows every blemish with the footage and is a bit smeary with colour and sharpness. I have tried playing around with the settings but clearly this Vestel set has a budget image processor and it shows. Watching any documnetary that contains pre war footage is really tiring as the smeary image gets on your nerves. DVD playback is similarly variable but watchable for not to motion heavy films.

    Do i regret buying this tv? On balance no because I actually only watch a few hours a week and it tends to be off the BBC iPlayer anyway or BBC 4 HD. If I was watching for a few hours a day, I would be disappointed I think and would bitterly regret not paying £50 more for a Hisense which is a better compromise btweek price and performance.

    This is an antry level model in terms of quality of picture although the apps work fine, set up was easy and sound quality is pretty fair. It is a nice looking large set but I wish I wasn't so mean and had bought a Sony in some ways (not in terms of price though)

    1. Thanks for your consumer feedback! If price was not a deciding factor then a Sony alternative would be a clear winner. We have tested so many TVs in the last couple of years but at home... 2x Sony TV sets :)

  3. Great tv brought this from argos in a sale £299.99. Could have brought one with smaller screen for more money was a bit dubious at first but was glad i got it. Sound is great nowadays the sound is rubbish like the jvc or blaupunkt TVs you usually need a sound bar but not necessary with this. Easy to set up even i didn't struggle wich is saying something haha.The only down side i can think of is there are no buttons on the actual tv set itself so if you loose your control your a little bit stuck so for that reason i give it an 8/10

    1. You got a sweet deal for such a big Hitachi 4k display. I would always recommend using an external soundbar or a complete 2.1 or 5.1 system, no matter how good the internal speakers are. We use a cheap 2.1 system on a Sony TV and it makes a huge difference for no big expense.

  4. hdmi ports wont work with firestick

  5. They sell this as an Android TV. Netflix and youtube are fine. There aren't any other apps of any use and you certainly can't pick your own.

    After 21 months of ownership, it's had strange problems. Disconnecting from my wifi and then not allowing access to the network menu. There is no admin user. How can it just decide I'm not allowed access, within a couple of months of the warranty running out. After a month of occasional curiousity it's started to allow it again.

    I'm just lucky I use netflix and facebook through a PC. Any talk of longevity or android or even smart capabilities is a bit laughable. I'd link my phone to it, only that stopped working too. It tries to connect to it, but never manages. It used to. If you want a 58" screen for up to two years and this is the cheapest one, then I guess it makes sense.

  6. I very rarely have any spair money but I came into some a few days ago so thought just for once il treat myself and bought it to play on my PS5 and it's awefull the colours are all over the place looks more 240p than 4k all looks grey and washed out gutted

  7. Lots of these break down with no picture with back light on, this is due to the panels becoming faulty it is not the tcon board!.
    so dont waste your money buying these second hand, they buy b grade lcd screens from lg.


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