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What TV do you own?

What TV brand is your TV set?

TV own

Our 'What TV do you have' poll has been running for few days now and it seems like Sony and Samsung are  going to be the main competitors here. Of course we shouldn't underestimate the power of LG TVs who are currently holding the third place with 20% of all votes.
There is plenty of time for you to vote so please do so. We are interested in what are the most popular TV brands so we can give you more information and more in-depth tests and reviews of those brands.

Top 5 TVs to recommend in 2019

Of course we already know that Samsung, Sony and LG hold the best sellers in almost any class but there are plenty of new competitors these days, especially in the cheap LED TV segment where brands like Vestel, Finlux and low cost Philips TVs have many new models coming out every year.

So please select your brand from the poll menu and expect the final results in a less than month when we will have more comments on specific models from the winning top 3 brands.

2020 update: What is the TV you own in 2020? Please share with us your brand/model as well as some basic feedback.

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