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Top 5 TVs to recommend in 2019

In the search for the best LED TV for 2019, we offer you our consumer list of top ranked televisions this year

With so many new TV offers we are pretty much sure most of you are confused which ones are better and stand out from the rest. That is why we decided to prepared this short list with our top 5 ranked TV sets for 2019.

So, here is the list:
Sharp LC-43UI7352E  is na affordable smart television that I would totally recommend for its good picture, premium sound quality and variety of Smart TV features through the built in WiFi connection.

I had the chance to test the premium 65 inch QLED TV Samsung QN65Q8FNBFXZA from their Q8F 4k Smart TV series. Yes, it is an expensive screen but definitely one of the best out there. Here I would put only competitors from Sony and LG OLED series which form the trio on top of the premium television market.

 For the price of $2000 you get a lot of your money - Android OS, premium picture and build quality by Sony.

It impresses with cheap price, simple design and good picture quality.

The two major benefits of the LG 28TK410V is the fact that it is compact and affordable.

Best TV in 2019 - video

If you are going to buy any of them... well that is up to you, it is just our recommendations.

You can also check who makes Luxor TVs and other useful info about this not very popular brand.

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