The most popular TV brands in the world - Samsung, Sony and LG

Poll results for the most popular TV brand in the world

popular TV brands poll
Our  'What TV do you have' poll finished few days ago and the results weren't surprising at all. As we expected Samsung, Sony and LG are the most popular TV brands in the world. As it looks like they have taken more than 50% of the market share and with their current positions I am sure this trend is to last much longer. 
Since the very beginning of the poll itself Sony took the lead with few votes difference from Samsung. On the final straight Samsung won the title with just couple of votes ahead of Sony. LG was the absolute N3 in this chart from the beginning till the very end. 
As I said these results were quite expected as we have reviewed plenty of TVs from those brands and compared to other brands the interest is just enormous. 
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Expect more interesting surveys in our Test and Review blog in the near future and we will love it if you take part, vote and comment in these as your opinion is very important for us and for consumer electronics manufacturers.