Finlux 39F6072-D 39-inch Full HD LED TV


Finlux 39F6072-D 39-inch Full HD LED TV specifications

Finlux 39F6072-D 39-inch Full HD LED TV
Finlux 39F6072-D
You know we like to surf the web and check the most popular web stores in a search for great deals which we can share with our readers. It is quite often that we found a very good TV deals for UK customers especially from one specific manufacturer – Finlux. And though they are not quite popular around the world, they are definitely on the right track with more and more new models coming out every month. 
Today our preposition for you is daily deal that we came across recently. It is about a cheap 39-inch Full HD LED TV – the Finlux 39F6072-D
I will not get too excited about this TV because it offers pretty much the basic stuff – Full HD 1080p picture, HDMI ports, USB media playback and not very impressive design and looks.
That is why I am giving you the full specifications of the 39F6072-D so you can take a look at everything this TV offers:

Screen size: 39-inches
Visible screen size:  99cm
Screen resolution: Full HD (1080p)
Screen format: 16:9
Colour: Black
Tuner Type: Freeview
PVR (USB Recording): No
Brightness: 300
Contrast Ratio:  3000:1
Response Time: 10ms
Refresh Rate: 50Hz
CI Slot: Yes
Composite Video/Audio In (AV):  1
Audio Output Power (RMS):  12W
HDMI ports: 2x
Scart ports: 1x
USB ports: 1x
VGA PC In:  Yes
Headphone Out: Yes 3.5mm headphone jack
Batteries for Remote Control: Yes, included
Energy rating: A
On Mode Power Consumption: 59
Annual Power Consumption: 86
Stand-By Power: 0.5W
Wall Mountable VESA Standard: M6 400 X 200
Dimensions with Stand: W893 x D220 x H570mm
Dimensions without Stand: W893 x D76 x H530mm
Weight: 9.5kg
Warranty cover: 1 Year
As I already mentioned the Finlux 39F6072-D is a cheap TV and it can be found on sale pretty easy. The lowest I have seen it these days is £230 which is more than a fair price considering this is a big screen Full HD LED TV.
Unfortunately we don’t have the 39F6072-D for a full in-depth review as the official UK Finlux supplier refused to provide us with their products. Anyways, we keep a closer look at most of their products and check on the forums for any useful feedback about the featured models. I would also highly appreciate it if any of the owners of this 39-inch LED TV share his/her impressions with the TV. Meanwhile don’t forget to check some of the rest of the interesting Finlux products like the Finlux 40F8073-T and the Finlux 32H7072-DT.

2 Responses

  1. I have just brought one of these TV's from Ebay for £229.99.

    I am shocked and appalled by the quality. The screen has grey line discoloration. The contrasts and colours can never be fully corrected despite hours of configuring the settings. There is just always something wrong with the picture.
    The stand the TV goes on is simply thin flimsy plastic. And the physical build of the TV looks like it was done by a toddler. 2 of the wall mount screws aren't even accessible due to the botched build.
    Needless to say, I can understand why they didn't want to send you one of their products to review.
    Terrible is the only way to describe it.
    If you are looking for cheap, cheap is simply what you are going to get. with a few cut corners here and there.

    I will never buy a Finlux product for as long as I live.

    This is my personal review. It is possible that I got a faulty product.

    None the less I am not please. I will update on how they handle the issue once they reply to my complaint.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience with the Finlux 39F6072-D LED TV. As we have mentioned in the many times in our Finlux reviews these TVs are pretty cheap and we stress on that fact a lot. I am sure you weren't expecting any cutting edge technology but neither such poor quality and performance.
    It we great of you share your impressions after some time of using your Finlux TV.
    Thank you.

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