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Cases and pouches for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo?

Expecting your suggestions for some good cases, sleevs or pouches for the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

As you have probably notice we are doing our best to make this product blog more interactive and that is why always take your opinion and suggestions into consederation. This week I have a small task for our readers particluarly interested in smartphones and their accessories. 
As I reacently changed my workphone from Google Nexus to Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo and now I am interested into getting some good accessories for it.
What I am most interested is cases and especially quality TPU cases. I will expect your suggestion and offers for the best case for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo which seems to be a very good smarptohne.
So that is basically it. I wold expect your suggestion, links and other useful data for the best case for the Galaxy Note 3 Neo in the comment form below.
Stay tuned and expect the full in-depth Note 3 Neo review very soon

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