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Disappointing battery life from Dell Latitude E7240 ultrabook

Dell Latitude E7240 scored very low in the battery life performance tests after couple of months of use

Dell Latitude E7240 battery

After several months with the high-end ultrabook Dell Latitude E7240 I have to admit that I am not really impressed with its battery life performance figures.

Dell Latitude E7240 laptop battery
The standard 4-cell battery located on the bottom of Dell Latitude E7240

Battery tested

Before I focused my attention and buy the Latitude E7240 I was looking for a laptop that is going to last for a full day of work and it is going to be a real competition of ultrabooks like the MacBook Air which holds charge for abut 10 hours of moderate use. Unfortunately Dell Latitude E7240 didn't come anywhere near these figures. On average load its battery will make it for around 4-5 hours which is a good result for a Windows computer but very far from the best performers in this class. And just to remind you that the Latitude E7240 is offered with two battery options and my laptop in particular was with the bigger 45 WHr 4-cell lithium ion battery.

Dell Latitude E7240 laptop review

Under full load using WiFi and multimedia the E7240 will make it for around 2 hours before the battery is totally drained. And if you turn WiFi and set the display brightness to a minimum and use the laptop for some text editing or other simple tasks than it is very possible that the battery will make it for as long as 5 hours.

Of course the battery life depends on many things but as I mentioned already these figures are cumulative score of what the E7240 showed in couple of months under different circumstances and load. Some additional factors like OS version and BIOS drivers and settings for fan can also affect the battery figures significantly so make sure your Dell Latitude E7240 is tuned properly.