Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard test

Dell Latitude E7240 backlit keyboard consumer test and review - among the best in class

Dell Latitude E7240 backlit keyboard
Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard and touchpad

Dell Latitude E7240 - being one of the most expensive ultrabooks (updated: back in 5 years) on the market today you would probably expect to get the best hardware from the ultra-portable laptop Dell Latitude E7240.

Our readers already know that this is now our primary work machine for blogging on the go and we are counting very much on it.

Dell Latitude E7240
  • Large keys
  • Backlit
  • Long key travel
  • Durable
  • Hard to clean underneath the separate keys

The keyboard

Today we are taking a closer look at the keyboard which is an extremely important component for writers and that is why I decided to pay special attention and have a whole article dedicated to the Latitude E7240 keyboard.

Dell Latitude E7240 full consumer review

As I said this is a very expensive ultrabook and that is the reason why I am going to compare it only with the best in class. Some time ago I was left with the impression that MacBook's keyboards are the best when speaking about portable computing but that was only valid until I had to start using one of our company's MacBook Air on daily basis.

I was expecting a lot from its keyboard but to be honest I was a bit disappointed. Yes, it leaves a very solid feeling when typing but I am really not keen of the flat keys that Apple is using.

And that brings me to my current favorite when speaking about laptop keyboards - the one I use on my HP Ultrabook 6930p.

Dell Latitude E7240 laptop keyboard is really comfortable and keys have pretty long travel and the overall feeling when typing is extremely good.

But all that was until today... now I have new favorite device to type on. Considering how thin and compact the Latitude E7240 really is (20 mm thin and about 1.3 kg light) it is really amazing how Dell achieved to make such a good keyboard. And not only it is very good to type on but it is also backlit on three levels depending on the user's preferences.

The only downside of this keyboard that I found so far is actually not in the keyboard itself but in the trackpad which because of the small size of this computer is way to close to the hands and it is quite often that my palm touches it and moves the typing marker on another location. Other than that I can say it is all good.

Probably some of you may point that this ultrabook lacks numeric keyboard on the right but I will just not comment on that.

Dell Latitude E7240 touchpad tested - my opinion

So, that is basically all I had to say about the Dell Latitude E7240 keyboard. If you have any questions feel free to use the comment form below, I will be happy to answer. Please also don't forget to subscribe to our social profiles and add us in G+ as we will be glad to share more stories with you.

Dell Latitude E7240 - video review


  1. davidletterboyzFebruary 09, 2015

    I had recently purchased an E7240 at bargain price. The keyboard while decent, it is not as good as Thinkpad. The best keyboard I've own so far is the first gen Thinkpad X1 (non carbon).

  2. Actually the Thinkpad X1 was my other choice when selecting my next primary laptop. Anyways, they are both great but I'm glad I chose the E7240, it's my second Dell and they seem to fit me better than Lenovo, I just can't get use to some quality related issues with some Lenovo-s.

  3. Hello everyone,
    I need some help. I am not use to this sort of keyboard.The asterix,open and close brackets are all in the wrong place etc!
    How do you get to '@, :, ; + etc.?
    Tried to google on this type of keyboard (picture above). I really can't figure it out on how to use this keyboard.
    Can anyone please help?? Otherwise I may have to just replace this keyboard.
    Thank you.

  4. Hi Hazad, “Shift+2” should work just fine for the “@” sign. Most combinations work with the Shift and it takes some time to get used to them but, just open a blank sheet and test it out until you figure them. Good luck!

  5. Still using the Latitude E7240 and the keyboard works like a charm, very pleased with the comfort and durability as well.


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