Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT - one year review

Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT review - car audio system review after more than a year of use

Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT car audio system
My Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT before installing it in my Opel 

I have been using the Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT for more than a year and that's why I decided to share my overall impressions with its performance, pros and cons.

When I firs bought this affordable car stereo system for around 65 Euros I was a bit skeptic as it didn't have a CD-player but a bunch of other possible connection and playback options that really make sense.

Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT - Playback and sound quality

Most of the time I am using the Sydney 220 BT listening to different radio stations and I can say the reception (depends on many different factors) and sound quality are pretty good and there isn't really something significant to complain from. It's also quite often when I would just pair my smartphone through Bluetooth and listen to the playlist I have there and also use it as handsfree when driving. I can't say that the sound quality through Bluetooth is exceptional (as with many other wireless devices transmitting sound) but it is quite good and it pretty much depends on the quality of the tracks you have recorded on your phone.

I usually connect it to my Samsung Note 3 Neo and it pairs pretty easy but when I want to connect different device I have to go through some settings on both devices and it gets a bit time consuming and if I have to be honest not that user friendly at all.

Of course other options we have with the Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT are AUX, USB and SD card slot but these I don't use that often but I can say they work just fine.

I can say I've never missed the lack of CD player as I don't record music to CDs any more but I know for some consumer it would be a big deal and they won't consider buying this system

Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT - Ease of use

In this category the Blaupunkt Sydney 220 BT scores good points but not maximum as it has some pretty small buttons which is not a plus for any kind of car controls. Also pairing this car audio system with another device through Bluetooth is quite difficult job but this also depends on the device you are trying to connect and its interface set up. Other than that this Blaupunkt audio system is pretty easy to use and all the controls still function as expected.

So, I can say that my overall impressions with the Sydney 220 BT are good and it's really worth its affordable price. I would also like to hear your opinion about this Blaupunkt car stereo so please feel free to share and comment in the form below.
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