Curved LED TVs - are they any good?

Curved LED TVs - the future of LED panels or yet another marketing blurb

Curved LED TV panels
Recently there is a significant increase in the interest in curved LED TVs and also very aggressive marketing campaigns from the largest TV manufacturers. That is the reason why I decided to raise a small discussion on the topic and see if curved panels are the future of LED TVs or we are just part of another marketing blurb which will result decrease in the interest in just couple of years.

We would also really appreciate your opinion on the topic, answering couple of simple questions like would you consider buying curved LED TV, would you spend more money for a curved TV if you have similarly equipped flat panel for half the price and couple more related to the topic.


Curved panels are supposed to deliver significantly improved field of view compared to standard flat panel TVs. This creates the impression that you are looking at a much larger screen and you also get a very realistic three dimensional feeling that combined with built-in 3D technology has significant advantage in the realism category compared to standard 3D TVs.

The negative

First of all, I wold mention price which is always a key factor for taking the final decision when purchasing new TV set. Curved LED TVs are much more expensive and those which support 3D are really considered a luxury as they are really far from what we call affordable.

Another significant drawback is the subjective effect that curved panels create that might not be very suitable for certain types of  TV content (e.g. sport content) and some customer just can't over the fact that the curve is not a defect but something that is something considered natural to their receptions.

As I previously said, I will expect your opinion on the topic as I think it is really interesting to learn more about what different people think about the curved LED TVs.

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