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Dunlop trolley suitcase 20 inch - the best cheap cabin luggage suitcase

Dunlop trolley suitcase 20 inch is the best cheap cabin luggage suitcase I would recommend to travelers and here are my reasons why

Dunlop Trolley suitcase

I have been travelling with the Dunlop trolley suitcase 20 inch for more than 2 years now. 

In today's Dunlop suitcase review I will share my impressions with a trolley suitcase I really like. Today I bought a brand new suitcase as my previous one was very badly damaged by one of my cats. I didn't have any clear idea of what exactly I am gonna look for or what kind of case I am going to buy but after checking couple of different options I stopped my attention at the 20 inch Dunlop trolley suitcase that will review today.

Of course I am going to test it in the next couple of months and share more details in the full review but for now lets take a look at this suitcase's specs:

Dunlop trolley suitcase 20 inch - main features and specs

 Zipped main compartment
  •  30% extra zipper - gives you the option of increasing the main storage compartment space with additional 30%
  • Inner mesh compartment
  • Two zipped external slips
  • Extendable handle
  • Rugged wheel base
Dunlop Trolley suitcase 20 inch
Dunlop Trolley suitcase 20 inch specs

Except for the 30% extender which I think is a bit exaggerated Dunlop included a pad lock which is a really nice feature and shows that there was some consumer oriented thinking when designing this trolley suitcase.
suitcase pad lock
Suitcase pad lock

Dunlop also claims that this is a cabin friendly suitcase. Well, I don't know about that, it looks compact but I will definitely test it on my next flight and let you know if it fits or not. Other than that the main compartment looks roomy and there are plenty of pockets and compartments for smaller items.

wheelsmain compartmetn


I bought this 20 inch trolley Dunlop suitcase for just 22 Euro but in UK you can find it even cheaper - for around £10 at SportsDirect. Really, great case for the money, I would definitely recommend it.

If you are interested in other travel equipment I wold recommend you to check the amazing Wenger backpack.

2018 Update: Couple of years later we are still using this Dunlop suitcase and I am actually very happy with it. It has minor signs of wear but it is fully functional and I believe it has many more miles in it.

2022 Update: I still have the case but the plastic framing on the inside kind of gave up and I am removing some plastic parts out of it quite often.


  1. How much does it weigh?

    1. Not sure, mine almost fell apart from the inside, but in pretty good shape on the outside. It is not a heavy suitcase by any means.

    2. around 2.6 kgs

  2. Used mine twice and hte handle broke, stuck fully in

    1. Handle is fine on mine but the inside plastic reinforcement fell apart into many pieces. Still using the suitcase though... from time to time :)


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