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Here are the 15 best smartphones in the world according to BusinessInsider

Business Insider rates the world's top 15 smartphones

Hardly the world has a young man who does not have a smartphone (or at least not heard of it). "Smart" phones have become an indispensable part of our daily lives both in private life and at work. The online edition Business Insider up an updated list of the best smartphones that are offered worldwide.

The leaves is prepared on the basis of several factors such as design, features, software and hardware, content, appropriateness of operators and price. Taken into account only phones available in the US at the time of publication of the list. The described prices do are approximate to the amounts against which offer smartphones without a contract.

On last 15th position in the monthly ranking is placed BlackBerry Classic. The company returned to its roots, and the design very reminiscent of the BlackBerry Bold. The smartphone has a physical keyboard, trackpad and a larger screen. If you are looking phone with keyboard, the Classic is the -Suitable choice. Available at a price of 449 dollars.

At number 14 in the rankings venture Nokia Lumia 830. This is one of the newest phones at Microsoft. Work with operating system Windows Phone 8 and has a sharp 5-inch screen. The approximate cost was around $ 420.

Next is the HTC One M8 For Windows. This is the best phone running the operating system Windows Phone, which you can buy. It has a metal body and deliciously new version of Windows Phone - 8.1, which includes excellent digital assistant Cortana. Its price is about $600.

At number 12 we encounter LG G3, which has one of the sharpest displays, put ever smartphone. 5.5-inch display gives you great massiveness. This makes G3 phablet more than an ordinary smartphone. LG G3 is a good Android phone, but the company put the button on / off and volume on the back of the device, which is quite strange and sometimes uncomfortable. Note that LG G4 released in May or June, so it's probably prefer to wait. The price of the phone is about $ 500.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is ranked as number 11. It resembles the Galaxy Note 4, but a second screen side, the direction is changed depending on which application you are using. The curved screen can display information - such as news and other updates while the rest of the screen is off. Its price ranges from $ 950.

On number 10 we have the popular iPhone 5S, which may be more than a year, but it remains a very good phone, especially if you do not keep a larger screen. If you want great "iPhone experience" at a reduced price, this is your phone. However, if you want the best experience, it is better to give another $ 100 iPhone 6. The price of the iPhone 5S starts at $ 549.

At number 9 is placed Nexus 6. The newest flagship phone Google's wholesale unit with a 6-inch screen. Created by Motorola and is the first phone that uses Lollipop - the new version of Android with a brand new design. Its price starts from 649 USD.

Eighth is positioned OnePlus One - smartphone with 5.5-inch screen, great software and vigorous internal specifications that compete with the best smartphones. Chinese OnePlus One costs just $ 300, which is much cheaper than many other phones like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5, which can be purchased for $ 650 and more. The bad news is that the supply is limited.

At number 7 we find the newest invention of Motorola - Moto X. The phone, which came out in September, is a worthy contender for the title "best Android phone." Like the Nexus 6 of Google, Moto X works with almost clean version of Android which means that you get software updates much faster. The phone looks very good and has 5.2-inch display. The price is about 500 dollars shtadski.

On 6th position is set HTC One M9 - the newest flagship Taiwanese phone. The phone is slightly repeat of last year's model. There is a better camera, slightly redesigned and faster processor. Beyond that, however, is basically the same phone as HTC has already created. The price of the smartphone starts from $ 650.

The top five least is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - best phablets with Android, which you can buy. There are incredibly clean 5.7-inch screen, the best display ever used on a smartphone. The phone It has a metal frame around the edges, which makes it much more robust than previous versions. If you are looking phone with the dimensions of phablet, Galaxy Note 4 is one of the best devices is desirable to keep in mind. Its price is about 750 dollars.

In fourth place was Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. He can do everything "ordinary" Galaxy S6 does but with curved display that looks pretty good. The price of the smartphone is also about 750 dollars.

Bronze goes to the Samsung Galaxy S6. This is the best phone that Samsung has ever created, and is the best Android phone you can find. S6 is the first Samsung phone with premium metal and glass design. It also has the best camera and screen, put ever smartphone. Its starting price starts about $ 650.

Second place is reserved for the iPhone 6. If you want a widescreen phablet, iPhone 6 is the best phone you can buy. Unless you prefer to use operating systems Android and Windows Phone. iPhone 6 is the perfect mix by design, hardware specification and selection of applications. Apple finally caught up with their rivals, adding a wider screen of 4.7 inches. Its price starts from $ 649.

The winner of the ranking prepared by BusinessInsider, is the iPhone 6 Plus. This is the best phone for most people. 5.5-inch screen is huge and some may seem cumbersome, but instead you get the added bonus of incredible battery life. The smartphone is quite thin and easy to manage in comparison with other phablets. If you are wondering between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, choose the second. Its price is only a hundred dollars more and starts at $ 749.

I have to say that I would agree that most of these 15 smartphones deserve to be in this list but honestly I wouldn't give the iPhone 6 Plus the first place, I wouldn't even put in top 3 but that is my own opinion as a consumer. I would love to hear which ones do you think deserve to be in this list and which don't so please share your opinion in the comment form below.