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A year with the capable Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 - consumer feedback

Real consumer feedback after using the cable Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 for almost a year now

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 - one of the best value for money smartphones

Not many things have changed since I made the six months review of my 5.5 inch Android smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505. The phone is still in pretty good shape and it is working as new. I am actually using the Note 3 Neo as my primary smart device throughout the day so I can say it has seen plenty of 'abuse' in different situations.

The positive feedback

Really, there's plenty to like about this phone. In the last 10 months I've tested multiple smart devices and I can say that the Note 3 Neo is one of the few that didn't disappoint (another one that I particularly liked is the the LG 2 mini which impresses with great battery life, very pleasant form factor and good set of features). 

Here is a short list with the things that make the Note 3 Neo a very good smartphone:

  • Amazing HD display - the 5.5 inch Super AMOLED display has 16M colors and I would easily put it among the best screens not only in this class but speaking generally. It is clear with awesome color reproduction with enough brightness even in direct sunlight, really an amazing display.
  • Great battery life - I use the phone mainly for calls and web browsing (social networks, checking mail) and occasionally for listening to music and navigation. The Note 3 Neo is my only GPS device and I can say it does a good job when navigation is needed. With the Li-Ion 3100 mAh battery I easily make it through the day and usually at least for 2 days of active use. The battery Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 is definitely one of its pros. 
  • Functionality - the Note 3 Neo is an extremely functional smartphone. Its 2GB of RAM and six-core processing power are more than enough for all daily tasks that you would perform on this device. I don't play games on it but I am sure it will manage just fine with most. The S Pen stylus also comes in handy when taking some memos or quick notes, I really find it practical.
Of course, it is not all positives but the negatives that I've found with this phone are more or less connected to the OS it uses (currently Android v4.4.2 KitKat).

For now, that is my feedback after using the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-N7505 for more than 10 months. I would also love to hear other users' opinion about this capable and yet not very expensive smartphone.

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