Kindle Paperwhite 2016 - the better ebook reader

 Kindle Paperwhite 2016 is the current king of ebook readers

Kindle PaperWhite 2016  review

Amazon released a new Kindle Paperwhite in July 2016 with specifications similar to the 2015 edition, except the new one is available in white. This is in contrast with Amazon’s usually black Kindles, the reason may be that they are looking to improve the reading experience by giving a white frame that almost blends in with the background colour and gives off the illusion of a bigger screen.

The screen

The best feature of the Paperwhite is the 300 ppi screen – a step up from the previous model that was at 212 ppi. The screen is, of course, traditionally monochrome which in my opinion provides a much better reading experience. Anyway, if you want a colour screen and different media, an e-book is not a good solution for you, you’d better go for a tablet. It’s good to mention that the device has a sunken screen which makes the Paperwhite more affordable at roughly around $119.

The 300 ppi screen makes the text look crispier, more like reading an actual book. The Paperwhite also comes with Amazon’s new font – Bookerly, which improves character spacing with hyphenation, justification, and ligatures. This font has replaced Caecilia as the new default font and is said that it makes reading on the Kindle much more intuitive.
The Kindles in general, as well as the new Paperwhite, are all about reading experience so a display that’s easy on the eyes is the most important part. The screen is again 6-inches and backlit so you can read in the dark without eye strain. This is where e-readers show their superiority over tablets in terms of reading experience – the backlight is gentle and does not strain your eyes. You can use the lowest brightness setting when reading in direct sunlight.
New Kindle - which one should you buy!??


The device has a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. There is 4 GB of internal storage and most of your content will be held in the cloud. There is enough space to have a thousand e-books on your device at any given time. Amazon does not include SD cards in their modern e-readers so you will not be able to increase the memory beyond 4 GB.
Again, like all Kindles, there’s the compatibility issue. Kindles, including the new Paperwhite use the Amazon’s own e-book format, .mobi and you cannot use other e-book formats, like. epub on the Kindle.
Reading on the Kindle is great, there are enough options to optimize your experience but doesn’t overburden with a ton of advanced features. You can adjust the margins, line spacing, choose between 7 fonts and have great control over the size of them.

The new colour
High resolution
Backlit display
New font
No SD card
PDF experience is bad
Not flexible on formats you can read