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Samsung KS8000 Series Smart LED TVs - big competitor for Sony X800D andX850D

Samsung KS8000 Series Smart LED TVs offer nice design, great functionality and acceptable price tagSamsung KS8000 Series Smart LED TVs

Samsung KS8000 Series Smart LED TV[/caption]

The KS8000is Samsung's top flat screen TV for 2016 and is essentially the same as the company's other flagship edge-lit model the KS9000. The only difference between the two TVs is the curved shape of the screen of the KS9000 and the Auto Depth Enhancer feature. In all other respects the two TVs are identical. The UE55KS8000is the 55’’ option of the series priced at ~$1980. The series also offer a 49’’ and a 65’’ option.


The KS8000 has the same 360-degree design that Samsung uses on all their KS Series this year – an ultra-slim chassis and a single chrome stand. There’s also a panel that covers the minimal connections on the TV itself. The panel is 41mm deep, there is a silver trim around the outer edge and a 5mm wide black border around the screen. The stand measures 87 x 38cm and there is 9.5cm of clearance beneath the screen. The stand can't be swivelled but you can wall mount the KS8000 using standard 400 x 400 VESA mounts. The 55-inch model measures 1230 x 800 x 376mm (WxHxD) with the stand attached and it weighs in at 20kg.

Connections & Control

There are very few connections on the TV itself – an Ethernet port, a USB 2.0 port, an Ex-Link (RS-232C) connector and a Common Interface (CI) slot. All the other connections are on the One Connect box – 4 x HDMI 2.0a inputs, 2 x USB 2.0 ports. There's also an optical digital output, dual terrestrial and satellite tuners and built-in WiFi. The One Connect box itself measures 20 x 7 x 2cm and the proprietary cable that connects it to the TV is 2m long.

The KS8000 comes with Samsung's Smart Controller – an universal remote which works in conjunction with the KS8000's auto device detection feature. When the TV detects a new device being connected via HDMI, it automatically sets that device up in the Smart Hub and adds the remote control codes. You can then use the Smart Controller to control that connected device, as well as the TV itself.

Features & Specifications

The KS8000 uses a flat screen with a 10-bit panel and Quantum Dot technology to deliver purer colours and brighter images. As a result, the TV can deliver 96% of DCI-P3, along with brighter highlights, improved viewing angles and better energy efficiency. The panel also includes Samsung's Ultra Black filter to reduce reflections and Precision Black local dimming. The KS8000 supports HDR, specifically HDR 10, with over 1,000 nits of peak brightness. As with all of Samsung's TVs this year, the KS8000 doesn't support 3D.

Picture Quality

The uniformity of the picture is impressive, with an even backlight free of any obvious clouding or bright edges and corners. The local dimming is excellent and even in the low setting the KS8000 could deliver deep blacks and bright whites, without crushing shadow detail or clipping highlights. There is no haloing, especially when sat directly in front of the TV. For SDR you can find the local dimming to be impressive, even though the KS8000 uses edge lighting with LEDs along the bottom. This limitation is however more obvious with HDR, where the increased brightness and the local dimming on the high setting could sometimes reveal haloing or brighter edges. The motion handling on the KS8000 is good for an LCD panel, with no stuttering or frame dropping.

In standard definition, the KS8000 performs well in matter of deinterlacing and upscaling the image. When you move to Full HD, the results get better, nature programmes look wonderful, and, as expected, when you switch to Blue-ray, the performance picks up once again.  

Sound Quality

Like the KS7000, the KS8000 uses an ultra-slim chassis so the sound quality is not expected to be perfect but Samsung has tried to get the most out of the small speakers. The mid-range is decent, the higher frequencies managed to refrain from sounding sibilant and the TC can go loud without becoming brittle. Still, if you’re into great sound experience, you need to look for additional speakers or a soundbar.