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Is Samsung HW-J355 soundbar sound system any good?

Samsung HW-J355 120W 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Subwoofer - reviewed

Samsung HW-J355 soundbar
Samsung HW-J355 soundbar

 Soundbar systems are getting more and more popular these days and I personally was very keen on the idea of having one in addition to my LED TV. After testing of numerous brands and systems I reached the conclusion that affordable soundbars are a real waste of money. 
That is probably the case with Samsung HW-J355, especially if you are looking for a major improvement of your home TV/cinema.

Samsung HW-J355 main specs

  • 2.1 channels
  • Active amplifier
  • Wired subwoofer
  • Dolby
  • Optical audio connection
  • Digital optical
  • Total RMS wattage: 120 watts
  • 1 USB port

Honestly, I was quite surprised when I saw some extremely high opinions and reviews that some of the soundbars got in online tech stores and forums. That is why I decided to personally check how some of the most popular ones perform in real world conditions.

Samsung HW-J355 is one of the affordable and therefore one most popular soundbars on the market today, You can find it for less than a 100 Euros (£84.99 at Argos UK) which is a very good price for a quality brand 2.1 sound system, Unfortunately the performance is quite poor - bass is not powerful enough and can hardly 'fill' a room and the mids are totally absent.

My old 60 Euro 2.1 soundbar system that was initially bought for PC music sounds times better than the Samsung HW-J355.

Other than that I think the idea of having a soundbar is pretty good, especially with having the option to connect different devices via Bluetooth. 
Unfortunately, one should spend much more than a $120 for quality sound in addition their television. As an alternative I would suggest something like the Logitech Z337 Bold Sound Bluetooth Wireless 2.1 speaker system which I recently bought and will review these days.

Samsung HW-J355 video review