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TV buying guide: Best TV size to choose

Quick buyers guide for the best TV size 

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The market is flooded with TVs from different brands in all different sizes and modifications.

I guess it is very difficult for the average consumer to choose from so many options, so I decided to compile a small guide for those who find themselves in difficult situation while buying their next TV.

Brand matters

There might be hundreds of different brands that manufacture TV sets but it is just a few that produce real quality products. Of course price also matters but if we have to pick a champion in the "Quality" category it definitely will be Sony. The Japanese brand still holds its leadership in the consumer TV segment and I think they will keep it for a bit more, no matter the good competition from brands like Samsung and few others. And don't get me wrong, Samsung TVs are also pretty good but if I had to pick just one TV, it would be Sony.

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Here I have to mention that I am quite disappointed with Philips TVs lately. They used to make one of the better panels worldwide but that changed and I would say they are quite mediocre and far from the premium performers these days.

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Size matters, or at least that's what most people say. If we are speaking for TVs only it really does matter.

Choosing the correct TV size could be a tricky task but if you consider few simple things you will make your choice much easier.

Sony TV
  • Consider the size of the room where you will place the TV set - it shouldn't be neither too big, nor too small. If you have a room of average size just pick any of the 'universal' sizes like 41, 42 or 43 inches.
  • The purpose for buying the TV - if you need a TV set that will be used mostly for home cinema purposes then go for the bigger size. Watching regular television programs is better on a smaller screen though, so you should definitely have this in mind.
  • Price - bigger screens cost more, so if you are within a tide budget then go for somewhere in-between so you won't end up with a big screen TV branded Telefunken or Arieli.
These are just few of the tips that I can think of at this very moment but I will definitely add more and update this list soon.

Don't be shy to share your opinion or questions in the comments section below, I'd be more than happy to hear from you.