Best cheap TVs to buy in 2020

Our recommendations for the best LED TVs to purchase in 2020

We have reviewed plenty of quality TVs this year. Some were good, others we would not recommend at all. Today, we wanted to share with you our top picks to recommend and eventually buy in year 2020:

Well, that is an affordable 43-inch 4k television with good picture quality and nice set of features like Smart TV apps, including YouTube 4k and Netflix 4k.

We also liked the simple form factor of the 43UM7000PLA which blends with any interior arrangement. 
You can check the full LG 43UM7000PLA review that we made in the very beginning of 2020.

Hitachi 55HK25T74U
Hitachi 55HK25T74U TVThis is a slightly bigger screen - the 55-inch segment is one of our favorite and is also one of the best selling in 2020. Most consumer prefer this TV size as it is quite suitable for home cinema (averaged sized rooms) and gaming. 

On the other hand the Hitachi 55HK25T74U impresses with its good value for money balance, offering very adequate 4k picture quality and very loud sound through the 10W stereo speakers. The design is not the best one can imagine but the price tag of under £400 makes it up for such small inconveniences.

As expected, we have the full Hitachi 55HK25T74U product review available for you.

Toshiba 55VL3A63DB

That's another very good and affordable 55-inch 4K ULTRA HD TV. It is a Smart TV as well and comes at the price of  around £300.  

You can also check the full Toshiba 55VL3A63DB TV review.

Sharp LC40FI5012K
Sharp LC40FI5012K TV
Sharp LC40FI5012K has a slightly smaller screen - 40-inch. It has a lower resolution as well, no 4k UHD, just Full HD 1920x1080. 

As expected  the LC40FI5012K is the cheapest from our selection with a price of £200-240. You can check its full set of features and specifications for further info.

Best cheap TVs to buy in 2020 - video

These are some of the cheap LED TVs for 2020 based on our tests and consumer feedback. We would love to hear your opinion, would you recommend any other brand or model?

Hitachi 4k TV review

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