TV review after one month with the Sony Bravia 40WD650

First impressions after spending a month with our new 40 inch Full HD LED TV Sony Bravia 40WD650

Sony Bravia 40WD650 LED TV  review
Sony Bravia 40WD650 customer product review

It has been almost a month since we got our brand new 40 inch Full HD LED TV - Sony Bravia 40WD650 and I can say it was the right choice.

This TV delivers as it was advertised - good Full HD picture, excellent viewing angles, Smart TV capabilities and solid build quality.

Design, looks and feel
Sony Bravia 40WD650 TVSony Bravia 40WD650 is not targeting the premium segment but it is nowhere near to looking basic or cheap.

The build quality is excellent and so is the clean and simple design. You won't find any cheap plastics or anything that will make you feel you got the wrong TV.

I like the fact that this TV set is colored entirely black, so no shiny sparkles are drawing your attention from the picture itself.

Specs and Functionality

Sony Bravia 40WD650 incorporates the advanced X-Reality PRO technology which takes care for the overall good picture quality. In Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution this television really shines.

Smart features are basic and we would probablly use 2-3 apps at most - Netflix, YouTube and sometimes a browser. I personally still haven't tried any Android Smart TV but I would say that the interface that Sony used for the 40WD650 is acceptable.

The sound quality is pretty basic as well so I had to install my 2.1 system almost immediately... and sound was just fine then, no complaints whatsoever (volume on the YouTube apps is somehow on the low side).

Other thoughts
I think for a price of around 400 Euros the Sony Bravia 40WD650 does a great job. The 40 inch size is a good compromise for both watching TV or if using it for home cinema (for cinema only I prefer 43 inch TV sets, while for TV specifically I think the perfect size is 39 inch).

Thank you for checking my Sony Bravia 40WD650 personal review. This is still our main TV (set up in the living room) and we are pretty happy with it.