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Best budget smartphone for 2017 - Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is here!

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is finally here... and it is amazing

It has been more than a half year now since I use the 2016 version of the Galaxy J5 and I can say that I am really impressed with this mid-range smartphone and its more than adequate performance. It is doing all the daily tasks without any hesitation and having in mind that it is a phone I got under 200 Euros it is really great value for money. But now there is a new version of the J5 and it seems to be as capable and good looking as its predecessor - welcome the brand new J5 (2017).

Today we are taking an in-depth look at the all new Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017), reviewing its main features and specifications:

 Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) video review

My new smartphone - Samsung Galaxy J5 2016


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