Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650 in-depth user review

2 months since we bought our 40 inch Full HD LED TV Sony Bravia-40WD650 - consumer thoughts and opinion

Sony Bravia KDL-40WD650 TV
It has been almost 2 months since we bought our 40 inch Full HD LED TV Sony Bravia-40WD650 and we decided to share with you a more thorough review of this TV.

Top 3 drivers that made us buy the KDL-40WD650

The brand - I was confident we will get a Sony LED TV for our living room, since they make the best panels in the industry.
It's a Smart TV - this a non-Android TV but that is not a bad thing. So far on my previous Smart TV I've only used the YouTube application and that is as far as most Smart TV capabilities and usability go these days.

Price - KDL-40WD650 is a good TV offered at a reasonable price. We got ours for around $500.
  • Screen size: 40 inch
  • HD specification: Full HD
  • TV resolution: 1920x1080
  • Optimized frequency: 200 Hz
  • Screen shape: Flat

Our first impressions on the Sony Bravia can be found in my initial review of the 40WD650. This was definitely the correct choice of TV for our needs and fits perfectly in our living room.

The design is slim and sleek, the stand is very sturdy, but easy to mount with a few screws included in the box. It’s not as wide as the TV so you can fit it on a smaller surface if needed. The frame is very thin around the edges so it doesn’t take much of the actual screen space.

What we especially liked is the simplicity of the TV’s design, typical for Sony’s models. It can also be wall-mounted, but we have not used that option.

Picture quality
Overall we are very happy with the quality of this TV - the picture is clean and refined. The noise reduction approach does not sacrifice the sharpness of the image so you get great level of detail. Black uniformity is also good, of course, not as much as a higher class Sony or an OLED TV, but the blacks are deep and dark and there’s no visible ‘bleeding’. Whites are very well presented also.

Picture remains  crisp and the action is smooth even when watching a fast-moving sequence e.g. a sports show. The Motionflow XR technology Sony utilized here adds extra between the original ones by comparing visual factors between successive frames and fits an additional frame in-between to keep the experience smooth and flowing.

Viewing angles
Viewing angels on the 40WD650 are very good. Watching from different angels is not a problem at all, so you don't need to worry if the TV is perfectly centered in your room.

Sound Quality
What the TV makes up for in picture quality, it loses in sound quality, unfortunately. Of course, if you’re not very picky about your sound, the Sony 40WD650 will be satisfactory. However, we are not very happy with the flat sound the TV produces with almost no low tones, mediocre middles and highs.

Luxor TV

After initial test, we have almost not used the original TV sound, we’ve purchased a separate sound system for that purpose.

This TV, of course, has built-in Wi-Fi functionality so you can browse the web or watch videos / streaming services, which is pretty standard and a must-have requirement nowadays. Youtube and Netflix apps are available, too, and we’ve used Youtube mostly so far.

Sadly the Sony 40WD650 does not come with Android OS, which was something we were hoping on when looking for a new TV.

In my personal experience, the navigation of the TV tends to be a bit sluggish, so more could be expected, but let’s not forget that in this price range, this Sony is easily the best option out there.
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