Top 3 things to like about the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster

Our  Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster is finally here, so here are the 3 things we liked most about it

It's been two days since we got the  Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster and it is only a few times that we've tried it so here is a short list with the top 3 first impressions with this product:
  1. It looks amazing - metal finish and Inox
  2. It can't toast large slices of bread
  3. It is super compact so soon it will find it's spot in our kitchen
I have to say that the first couple slices of bread came out very well, nicely toasted all over. The bad thing here to mention is that you can't really toast large (usually the long rounded ones) but that is expected with most non-professional toasters.

So, overall I have to admit that we are happy with our purchase. I still haven't figured out how the 6 levels work and what are they suited for but soon I will share more info about it as well.

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For now, we will continue using the  Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster and hopefully it will work as expected. I will be happy to get some feedback from other consumers using this toaster, so please don't forget to share and comment.

In the next couple of weeks I will toast some more bread slices and I will test the different settings and give you more tips for how to better use the Tefal TT330D Ultra Mini toaster.
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