Ultimate test: Razer Adaro headphones - two year review

Design and consumer opinion about the Razer Adaro headphones after couple of years of active use

Razer Adaro headphones
I’ve had the Razer Adaro for a couple of years now but I will not switch to newer headphones until the good old Adaro falls apart. You want to know why? Read the review below ….

The Razer Adaro we will review today is an older model of the notorious brand among gamers. They came to the market in 2014 and are still widely used among computer geeks along with the newer, flashier Razer headsets. Interestingly enough, I am not a gamer and have never been interested in the brand purely because of its popularity among this subculture. However, the Adaro impressed me with their sleek and stylish design, simple lines and unbelievably comfortable ear cushions.

At first look, this Adaro set does not look like the flashy designs Razer offers nowadays, which for me personally is a good thing. I am not one to boast with brand names, functionality is more important to me than popularity of the brand. And the Adaro does not fail to deliver. The design is simple, yet elegant. The Razer logo is embedded on the ear cushions and on the top of the headset bandana, the green color of the cable makes for a good contrast to the overall black headphones.

The adjustable bandana is a neat feature that allows you to loosen or tighten the headset to fit to your preference and size. The size of the ear cushions is perfect for my ears and this is the very first headset among many that I’ve tried which actually sits comfortable and does not cause any pain if worn for a prolonged time. I’ve worn them for more than 5 consecutive hours and I have had no problems whatsoever. I’ve even worn them to the gym a few times, however I will not recommend that to anyone as the leather of the ear cushions can get easily damaged.

The sound these headphones deliver is nothing short of amazing. Without using any type of equalizer on my laptop or Android phone, I’ve managed to hear never heard before frequencies on songs I’ve been listening to for years. The lows and basses are deep, the mids range is perfectly balanced and the higher frequencies are clear and not distorted like some other headphones I’ve had the ‘pleasure’ of using.

Sony MDR-XD150 closed stereo headphones

With the help of a little bit of equalizer tuning (I used it mostly on my phone) I achieved a perfect balance of all sound frequencies for the type of music I listen to on a daily basis. However, it has to be mentioned that the Razer Adaro performs beautifully with every music genre I’ve tried - rock is perfectly balanced, hip-hop’s bass is prominent, pop songs sound great as well, no high or medium frequencies are omitted.

My overall impression with this headset is so good that I am not thinking of upgrading them to a newer set in the near future or at least until the old Adaro-s fall apart. Maybe even then I will upgrade with another Razer set as my experience with the brand has been nothing short of amazing.

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