The best cheap combo hand blender on the market today - Star-Light HBSG4 750W

Hand blender Star-Light HBSG 4 750W impresses with its versatility thanks to variety of add-ons and good overall build quality

Just a few days ago we added the Star-Light HBSG 4 750W in 1 blender to our brand new kitchen and as I’ve already used it several times, I’d like to share my experience and why I think this budget Starlight blender is one of the best options you can buy.
First off, the price of this blender is impressive for the options it delivers. You get a hand blender, a mixer with 2 different types of attachments, a mincer and a tall measuring bowl, very convenient if you’re making smoothies. I got it for ~ 40 USD on sale, however the usual price varies around USD 50 - 60, which is still a great bargain for the whole set!

What I liked about this blender at the moment I took it out of the box is the sleek inox design - looks very cool and goes perfectly with all other kitchen appliances we have, which are all inox-colored. The blender part (where the main rotor is) fits well and sturdy in your hand and does not feel slippery at all. The buttons are easy to press even it your hands are dirty. All parts are easy to clean.

You can choose between 6 levels of speed of the rotor and you also get turbo-mode, for when you want to mix especially fast for a short period of time. The 4 in 1 Starlight gives you the following options:
  • blender with a tall measuring bowl - you can make smoothies, shakes or blend soups or creamy liquid food.
  • mixer - you get 2 different attachments for the mixer and you can use it to beat eggs, cream or other ingredients for different cakes, sweets etc or bakery in general. Sadly the package does not come with a mixer bowl.
  • mincer / chopper - you can use this option to mince food, for example I’ve used it to mince old bread into breadcrumbs, nuts into nut butters, as well as softer food such as bananas into a banana paste etc. I have not tried it to mince meat and I doubt it will be very successful.

My overall impressions with the Star-Light blender are very good and it definitely will fit well into my kitchen. It’s a perfect tool for everyday use or when you want to make something special at home. The mincer part is what makes me especially happy as it can be used to make the basic layers of raw vegan cakes and pastries, which is something I’ve used to make before with my old mincer and will be happy to do again.

I would absolutely recommend this Star-Light HBSG4 750W blender to anyone looking to have a little fun in the kitchen, it’s perfect for a newbie cook or even for the experienced guys and gals out there who’re looking for a budget tool with many options as the Starlight blender offers. You will not be disappointed!

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