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Top 3 tips when buying Sencor TV

When looking for your next TV - be smart, buy cheap Sencor television

buy Sencor TV

Sencor brand is getting quite popular these days and there are many consumers who prefer to spend less for their next TV when choosing less popular brand like Sencor.
  1. Choose the right size
  2. Don't spend too much - Sencor is a cheap brand, look for low price
  3. Test before you buy

Last week we took a quick tour around the budget 32 inch Sencor SLE 3217TC which impressed with good build quality and very attractive price. I've spend few more days researching on the best Sencor TV too choose from, so here are my top 3 tips for you if purchasing new Sencor LED television:

Choose the right size

Sencor offer variety of TV sets starting from very small panels that will suit your kitchen very well and reaching TVs over 50 inches, those that are perfect for the home. So, in case you need a small set for the kitchen or the bedroom than the SLE 2462 would be the best choice for you. Offered at around $120-150 this 24 inch Sencor TV is one of our top picks for small cheap LED TV.

For more detailed specs I would recommend you to check the official Sencor's website, where more TV sizes are available.

Don't spend too much

Sencor produce cheap products so if any of the tech stores is asking a ridiculously high price for a Sencor TV, than probably you shouldn't buy it and look elsewhere. If you want to check similarly priced alternatives then check what Luxor TVs have to offer.

Test before you buy

If Sencor is a brand that does not sound familiar to you (like Sony or Samsung lets say) then check which tech store offers Sencor TVs and test their products directly on site. Buying online may save you a lot of money... or give you a headache.

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These were my 3 quick tips for you in case you are interested in buying Sencor TV. Stay tuned for more info about this not very well known but interesting brand.