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The best 32 inch LED TVs we would recommend and why

Presenting you my list with the best 32 inch HD and Full HD LED televisions and the reasons why they are in the list

best LED TVs

There are so many different TVs on the market these days that some of you may find it really hard to choose from the bunch. That is why I decided to make this short list with the best 32 inch LED televisions and why I decided that they are good fit for this list. So, lets not waste more of your time, here is the list:

  1. Samsung UE32J4000 - best mid-range offer and value for money deal - this TV is one of the most popular 32 inch HD LED TVs in Europe. It is known for its good picture quality simple and yet stylish design and very good build quality. Last week I had the chance to test it for couple of days and in the next few lines I will share my impression with the UE32J4000 / in my case UE32J4000AW/.

  2. NEO LED-3229 - cheapest 32 inch HD LED TV.  The NEO LED-3229is a cheap 32 inch HD LED TV sold mostly in Eastern Europe.

  3. Samsung UE32M5002 - best entry level TV for 2018. This is an entry-level 32 inch Full HD TV, offering very good picture quality and solid build quality.

  4. Sencor SLE 3217TC - best newcomer brand. It is cheap, provides acceptable picture quality, decent sound.

  5. Star-Light 32DM3500 - best cheap 32 inch LED TV manufactured in Eastern Europe - Romania.

Luxor TVs

Well, this is my short list with the TVs I would recommend buying.

I know it is not many of you that would be interesting in purchasing 32 inch TV as this is considered quite small these day but still I hope it will be valuable info for those of you who need a smaller kitchen or bedroom TV.