Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 costs over $1000 and has much to show to the audience

Samsung Galaxy Note has always been one of my favorite smartphones. I personally owned a Note 3 Neo for around 2 years and I was very pleased with it - great design, durable battery, great AMOLED display and amazing overall functionality considered the price.

Recently Samsung released the latest generation Galaxy Note after a pause in production after the relatively successful Note 7. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has plenty of changes compared to the 7 but more about that in the following video review:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 video review

The Note 8 impresses with amazing screen to body ratio with extremely thin top and bottom frame, while on the left and right side it is all display. And what a display that is, the vivid 6.3" 1440p AMOLED Infinity Display is in a league of its own, it really is.

I would also recommend you to check the new Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) which promises to become one of the best-sellers in the segment.