Diesel vs Gasoline vs Electric and Hybrid vehicles - what's the future of cars?

Car market changes have never been so dramatic but which technology will take over and lead the rest?

Probably many of you are sick of listening to stupid comments of the is the future of cars or which is the most economical technology that will dominate the market in the years to come. Still, today at our Test and Review blog will talk about cars and how we see their future, which technology you should invest in and of course how much it will cost you.

Diesel cars
I am starting with most updated and obsolete technology in regards to regular cars. And even though diesel engines are promoted as being the cheapest to run in regards to fuel economy they are failing in many other categories:
  • Expensive to build and maintain - diesel engines are much more expensive to manufacture in comparison to gasoline engines and also very expensive to service (which happens a lot more often, unfortunately).
  • Environmental issues - one of the biggest pollution factors in urban areas
  • Expensive to buy - equivalently equipped gasoline car costs much less

Gasoline cars
Gasoline cars these days are are a great option for occasional drives looking for a reliable but yet affordable cars.
  • Cheap to buy and maintain
  • Less polluting compared to diesel engines
  • More reliable than modern diesel vehicles

Electric/Hybrid vehicles
Well, that is the future, like it or not, hybrid and purely electric vehicles will dominate the car market after couple of years. What Tesla is doing these days will become a common practice in automotive industry, while hybrid vehicles will get better and more affordable.
  • Eco friendly
  • Cheap to run but expensive to buy and maintain
  • Sill quite expensive
Thanks for you time. Don't forget to share your impressions.