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How to: Vectra C climate control settings

Setting the desired Vectra C climate control settings can be really frustrating sometimes

Vectra C climate control settings

To start with, Vectra C is a good car, and a very good deal on the second hand market. But there are some things about it that Opel/Vauxhall owners really hate about it. One of these things are the climate control settings on the automatic dual-zone air-conditioning system implemented in Vectra C.

The issue here is not with setting the correct temperature which is really easy but rather with adjusting the air-flow and the time it takes to do it.
Vectra C – second hand car 
In order to point the airflow in different direction than the one it is currently set you should go through couple of menus which can be really frustrating, especially if doing it while driving. 

Vectra C climate control
Opel Vectra C control panel for audio and climate control
Unfortunately, this is a trend that many new cars are following these days (just look at the new Tesla, or most of new Volvo’s ) - to reduce the number of buttons on the dashboard in order to simplify things. The results is that it gets really uncomfortable to adjust really simple thing, like the airflow direction for example.

Yes, it is a small problem but I think drivers should address their concerns so that car manufacturers would take some actions in future.

Buying used car – Opel Vectra C

Other than that, I should mention the Defrost function in the Vectra works really nice, and it does the job in no time, even in very low temperatures.