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DZ09 Bluetooth smart watch consumer review

DZ09 Smart watch specifications and full video review

Man is constantly evolving, which is helped by various technologies. Today we will look at such a good helper as the smart watch  DZ09 based on Android. Yes-Yes, this is another Chinese clone that tries to look like Samsung Gear 2 at a low price. The smart clock DZ09, despite its budget, looks good and its technical functionality may be intriguing. Let's look at it in more detail, as well as understand it and we need it.

The smart watch dz09 - a copy of Samsung Gear 2 at a good price.

As stated in the introduction, the  dz09 watch - this is a clone of the Korean manufacturer's device. Of course, the Chinese developer has made the most of the details to gain benefits. The look of DZ09 really resembles Gear 2: square dial, bottom navigation button, bevelled edges.

Shortly after you work with it, you will notice the false interface, especially in the incomplete translation of some of the menu items.

So let's check the main differences in 'patients'.

DZ09 design and build quality
Let's start the DZ09 review with the look. The design, as we have already mentioned, is identical to that of the Samsung Gear 2. The smart watch is assembled quite carefully and reliably. The front is made of metal on the surface of which paint is applied. Several color solutions are available to select the user: bronze, silver or black. Very small scratches appear, noticeable in closer examination. The rear cover of the SmatrWatch DZ09 is plastic.

In terms of design, smart-clocks are identical (the copy will most likely show its "quality" after several months of use). It is also worth mentioning the great risk that Smartwatch DZ09 often sells a marriage that the reviews say.

The screen. At the creation of Samsung and the diagonal is a bit bigger and the quality is higher. The smart clock DZ09 has a wider screen, but a little below.

My new smartwatch – K88H

Supported platforms. Here, too, the Chinese clone can be given. Gear 2 has announced support for Android 4.3 and above, and for DZ09 currently - Android (most versions) and iOS (limited).

Protects against moisture and strikes. In the smart watch DZ09 is announced (you can not remove it when you wash your hands), but we do not recommend to bathe with it. With Gear 2, everything is more formal - the manufacturer has announced IP67 damp-proofing. The smart watch, the Chinese production has received a hit protection (it is not clear what exactly).


Here the dignity also has the original and the copy. First of all, the Samsung Gear 2 owner is aware of what he has. Thanks to the brand, you get a decent "iron" and should not cause lagging problems. But Smartwatch DZ09 boasts a SIM card slot and microSD slot.

Let's face that many of you guess we will agree that Gear 2 can not break its Chinese copy of the fluff and dust. And that means DZ09 deserves attention.

Many people buy this Chinese clone to look closer to the world of technology. The Smartwatch DZ09 looks stylish and modern, it's not expensive, so what else do we need? There are also people who are trying to extract from the smart watches a practical benefit. They can measure the distance traveled, tracking the burned calories.

The ability to faithfully follow the owner's dream. The smartwatch DZ09 smartphone tells the user to make calls, emails, and other notifications sent to the smartphone. In addition, the model supports SIM-card operation, allowing you to make calls directly over the clock. And a dozen additional features that will be useful to active users. As you probably understand, the Smartwatch DZ09 can be so great, so it will be useful for everyone.

DZ09 main specifications

- GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz , Single Micro SIM Card
- Bluetooth Dialer, Call Reminder, Bluetooth Call
- Bluetooth SMS/IM Message Notified
- 1.56" TFT LCD Touch Screen 240*240 pixels
- 1.3M Camera (Video Recording not Support)
- Anti-loss Technology to bind phone
- Pedometer, Sleep Monitor, Sedentary Reminder
- Audio Player
- Calendar (Synchronizable)

-CPU: MTK6260A
-Network & Connectivity:
-SIM Card: Single SIM Card (Micro SIM Card) Can be as a phone
-Frequency: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
-Bluetooth: (Built - in) - BT3.0, BT4.0
-Storage: External memory: Support TF card up to 32GB
-Display: 1.56 inch TFT LCD, 240 x 240 pixels
-Camera: 1.3 M

-Music: Support
-Picture Format: JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG
-Music Format: MP3, WAV
-Languages: Support kinds of langauage, Pls check the language photo.
-Functions: Bluetooth Dialer, Contacts, Call Reminder, Alarm, Anti-loss, Pedometer, Sleep Monitor,Sedentary Reminder, Calendar,Calculator,Sound Recorder,Camera,Audio Player ,Browser Facebook,Twitter, Whatsapp
-Battery: 380 mAh
-Talk Time: 3~ 6 Hours
-Standby Time: 2~7days
-SMS: Support
-USB Port: Mini USB 5pin interface
-Color: Black,White,Coffee,Sliver
-Size: 43.5*40*11.5 (mm)
-Gravity Sensor: Support
- Case Material: Metal /Band Material:Silicon

NOTE:Normal LED Wrist Watch is not a smart watch

Package includes:
1 x DZ09 Smart Watch(Pack With Bubble Sponge)
1 x USB Cable
1x User Manual


The DZ09 smartwatch is equipped with an LCD display with a diagonal of 1.56 inches. The resolution - 240x240 pixels. The screen is pretty bright, even in the sun it behaves quite well. With careful viewing, you can see the pixels, which is not surprising.

Viewing angles at DZ09 are quite wide, but sometimes you may notice fading of the picture. The quality of the glass can not even happen, so scratches appear quite quickly. From them, you can protect the foil that comes in the set. Of course, the DZ09 watch is far out of the quality of its business models, but its price segment is pretty good. It is also possible to note the sensitivity of the sensor, which quite accurately responds to the touches.


Autonomy - the weak point for DZ09 smartwatch, which many people talk about in their comments. Of course, not only this smart clock suffers from this disease. In our "customer", the battery has a capacity of 380 mah, which is considered a good indicator. In middle load mode, (Bluetooth turned on, notifications view) DZ09 will work up to 2 x days.

If you use it as a regular watch, it can run without recharging for up to one week. For some, it's a good result, and others are giving up on a smart clock just because they need to put the clock on with the smartphone too often.


Well, DZ09 is undoubtedly worthy of attention. And he gets it, as is the many orders in AliExpress. DZ09 is unlikely to be able to oppose branded models (except for the price), but in its price segment it is one of the best.

The clock is pretty nice, and let's not forget that it is a copy of Gear 2. The materials from which it is made are of good quality and the assembly is dense. Yes, from DZ09 you can get married, which is also confirmed by the angry comments, but this is more an exception than a rule.

DZ09 Bluetooth smartwatch specs and video review