Honor 7 Lite - 3 big reasons not to buy this smartphone

Using the Honor 7 Lite happened to be a real struggle most of the time

I know the Honor 7 Lite is not an expensive phone but I really didn't expect it to disappoint in so many terms. Having used the phone for almost a year I can confirm that there are plenty of much better performing smartphones out there for the price of $200-250.

Weak points

  1. Display - not very bright and sometimes really unusable in direct sunlight. I know this is a weak point for many mid-range smartphones but still I expected the display to be just a bit better.

  2. Interface and usability - the Honor 7 Lite is really far from the best performers in this price segment. It is not very responsive at all and I constantly had connectivity issues. This is totally the opposite from what I can share of my Samsung J5 (2017) which has similar price but feels like much better phone in all aspects. The only thing that worked more then fine is the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone.

  3. Camera - mediocre performing rear camera, really crappy low light shots.

It is really a shame that Huawei didn't do a better job with the Honor 7 Lite. I believe it had the potential to be a good mid-ranger but that never happened. Alternatives from Samsung and Lenovo did much better in most categories and that is why I wouldn't recommend the Honor 7 Lite as a second hand purchase.