Consumers in 2018 - what are we buying the most?

What are consumers buying the most in 2018?

This year started very actively for consumers around the world. Most economics around the globe indicate stable sales in the first quarter of 2018 and I believe this trend will keep up til the end of the year. 

Of course we are interested more in the consumer electronics and gadgets, the goods that we usually review. So which are the products that consumers are purchasing the most in the beginning of 2018?


Smartphones are still leaders in the consumer tech category and that is quite expected. Big names like Samsung and Apple are leaders in this market but nowadays there are so many competitors offering good smartphones.

Laptops, tablets and other portable computing
  • Laptops - in the last 10-15 years laptops changed the way computing engaged us in digital world. Many people predicted that smartphones and tablets will take huge part of the laptop market but that is far from what we see these days. The laptop market is going strong and I am sure it will stay that way in the following 5-10 years (at least).

  • Tablets - they are some of the biggest disappointment of all tech innovations in the last decade. Tablets these days are mostly used by kids, to watch videos and play games with. One of the reasons tablet market is not doing very well these days is the fact that smartphones got much bigger and in many ways replace most of the average tablet functions.

  • Other portables - well, we still wait for an innovation that is going to be a game changer for the years to come.

These days I will prepare a short survey to get more insights from you, our readers on topics like what do you think would be the next game changer in the tech market. We will also discuss some of the big disappointments like the downfall of 3D technology.