What car to buy in 2018?

Buying a car in 2018 may be a very difficult experience - here are my top 5 advice about what vehicle to purchase

There are so many different cars for sale these days so I realized it might be quite hard to make the right choice when buying a car in 2018. I will mention just some of the key points before making the purchase and I am pretty sure there is a lot more to consider in addition to these points. So, here my top 5 recommendations:

  1. Don't be emotional when choosing your next vehicle - many people get quite emotional about their cars and that is very expected. You shouldn't really consider what a local "neighborhood expert" told you about which is the best car for you. Rely on trusted reviews, there are so many sources online so there is no excuse really for being surprised after the purchase.
  2. Consider your budget - don't go over your budget, set a clear max price and stay there.
  3.  Ask for a deal - many dealerships have vehicles on stock. If you are not buying the very latest model then you should definitely negotiate the price.
  4. Check warranty coverage - many brands offer useful services in addition to the warranty. Check the options for extending the stock warranty to 5 years if this is not the base period.
  5. Don't buy diesel! I am not even going to spend a lot of time for the negatives when buying diesel car. They are dirty, polluting the air, they cost a lot and break more often. The only type of vehicle that I would recommend with diesel engine is big SUV.

Buying used car – Opel Vectra C

These are my top 5 quick recommendations in case you are buying car in 2018. Please leave a comment if you need more information about a specific brand or offer, I will  be happy to help.
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