UTOK U24HD3 vs Blaupunkt 24/207O - small TVs in review

UTOK U24HD3 and Blaupunkt 24/207O two cheap LED TVs that compete in the small TV segment but which is better?

We've reviewed plenty of small TVs recently and most of them were pretty cheap. I think price tag is one of the leading factors when choosing small TV.

Blaupunkt 24/207O TV

Today at Test and Review we are taking closer look at two direct competitors in the small LED TV segment - the Romanian UTOK U24HD3 and the not-German Blaupunkt 24/207O. They both can be found for under 200 Euros and they are both sold mostly on the European market.

Is 24 inches enough?

Well, it depends on the buyer. Since the UTOK U24HD3 and Blaupunkt 24/207O are both 24 inches I believe they will be perfect for small spaces like kitchens. I wouldn't recommend neither of these for multimedia, watching movies or any other that would require much bigger screen in order to enjoy the content. Other than that, these two are not the most compact TVs in the segment since their frames are pretty thick.

I like how the Blaupunkt looks a bit better just because of its stand. What is your opinion about the looks of these two small TVs? Feel free to leave me your opinion in the comments section below.

Blaupunkt 236/2070 23.6 inch LED HD TV

Technical specifications

These two TVs are very similar in specs. They both deliver good picture in HD resolution. Please note that these are non-smart TVs. The Blaupunkt 24/207O has one HDMI more (overall of 2) compared to the UTOK U24HD3. Most other specs are pretty much the same or very similar. Both these TVs are energy efficiency class A which is definitely a positive thing.


In regards to the price, the winner must be the UTOK U24HD3 since I've seen this TV on sale for less than 100 Euros which is quite cheap. That is thanks to the fact that the UTOK brand is managed in Eastern Europe, mostly in Romania.

UTOK U24HD3 vs Blaupunkt 24/207O - which is better?

Well, if it was my money I would definitely go with the Blaupunkt 24/207O. You will have to pay more for it but I like the design a bit more, I think the build quality is a bit better, as well as the picture quality. Of course, the UTOK U24HD3 has the price advantage so it is definitely our price winner, not only comparing it to the Blaupunkt but in the segment in general.

Luxor TV

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